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FBI Places Focus on Trucking’s Potential Role in Terrorist Attacks: Thoughts from a Logistics Company in Aurora, CO

August 1, 2016

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, the way we look at potential safety and defense issues has irreversibly changed. Now, for better or for worse, we see potential terrorist attacks in just about every situation imaginable, thoughts that would never even have occurred to us before 9/11. While most people would agree the starkest changes have been in airport security since those terrorist attacks, there have been plenty of changes in a variety of other industries and transportation methods as well, including commercial trucking. Despite trucking not even playing a role in the events of that day, there is... View Article

Missouri Aims to Make Truck Driving Careers Easier for Veterans to Attain

May 1, 2016

As a logistics company in Aurora, CO that serves all of the continental United States and Canada, the team here at Osage Specialized Transport understands how difficult it can sometimes be to find fully qualified, reliable and trustworthy drivers. We are lucky to have a strong team currently working for us, but we are also always looking for promising new recruits, and the pickings can sometimes be limited. That is why we are excited about the possibilities currently being explored to make the truck driving career path easier for military service veterans to explore. The state of Missouri is currently... View Article

Three Signs You’ve Found the Right Logistics Company in Aurora, CO

March 1, 2016

You might not think that hiring a logistics company in Aurora, CO and finding a significant other have much in common, but in truth they do share a few traits: they are both easier said (or imagined) than done, and they both require strong communication, an unwillingness to settle for less than you deserve and a firm grasp on what is important to you. And as with romantic relationships, when you have found the right freight transport company, there are usually a few signs that reinforce that decision. We know that trying to find that perfect logistics company can seem... View Article

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