Four Reasons to Hire Professionals for Oversize Hauling

January 1, 2016

Transporting heavy machinery, pipeline orders or construction equipment to a job site can prove difficult when you don’t have a huge truck to haul it there. But you shouldn’t have to pass on work or decline an equipment order delivery when there’s a reasonable and reliable way to get the job done. Whether it’s a shipment needing to go across town or a much longer distance, it’s a good idea to hire a professional transportation company for all of your needs related to oversize hauling in Aurora, CO. Here are four reasons why:

  • A specialized company knows heavy haul regulations: Did you know that there are special trucking permit requirements for truck shipments of unusual size, shape and weight? Within the United States, each state has its own individual set of regulations for oversize, heavy haul or overweight truck cargo. So if you’re a heavy haul transportation truck company, check with your state government, not the federal government, about getting a permit issued, and also find out how you may be limited or restricted in what you can transport.
  • Let someone with the skills and legal coverage do the work: A professional long haul and oversize transportation company will already have the proper insurance coverage needed to protect their flatbed trucks, stretch trailers or other specialty equipment. Another benefit of hiring a pro is that they will have specialized insurance protecting against loss or damage to the property being hauled—and extra security is always a good thing! Additionally, trained loaders can do the heavy lifting onto trucks, and they possess the technique to efficiently load up your heavy haul equipment.
  • Challenges are common when transporting oversize loads: There are many road hazards a driver of an oversize haul should be watching for, such as vehicle height clearances, bridges with weight limits, changing traffic speeds and even weather conditions. The pros are used to being vigilant in these sorts of things, and a skilled driver is likely to be very knowledgeable in common transport routes. But the biggest plus of all is that the experts know how to drive oversize hauls and remain in control through changing weather and road conditions.
  • Professional companies may use flag cars: Have you ever seen a flatbed truck hauling a huge tractor down the interstate with what appears to be a chaser car behind it? Also called a pilot car or an escort vehicle, a flag car typically follows behind a truck that’s carrying an oversize load. Since a transport truck driver may not have the best line of sight around their oddly shaped cargo, flag cars help by signaling lane changes, assisting with merging and acting as a security warning system for pedestrians and other drivers. It’s not unusual for “wide load” to be printed on the car, with orange caution flags on its driver and passenger sides.

Do you have extremely heavy machinery or equipment that needs relocating? If you are looking to hire a professional and specialized transportation service for oversize hauling services in Aurora, CO, contact Osage Specialized Transport today. We are your full service, go-to company for all of your heavy equipment transportation needs.

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