Six Reasons to Hire Professionals for Oversize Hauling [Updated 2021]

January 1, 2016

Transporting bulldozers, road graders, cranes, excavators, steel construction materials, pipe, and timber without the right truck isn’t just difficult. It’s impossible. But before you go out looking for a great deal on a cab and a flat bed, consider these six reasons for hiring professionals to haul your oversized loads.

  • The number-one reason to hire professionals who have their own trucks for hauling your oversized loads? Outlay! Sure, it’s convenient to use your own truck on your own schedule to haul your heavy loads. But does the amount of hauling you do justify the depreciation on the truck, the licenses, the permits, the insurance, and your exposure to lawsuits. And do you want to be a specialized truck driver, or do you want to focus on the earthmoving and construction you do best. Even if you haul equipment every day, the liability issues alone are a good reason to look at hiring professional to use their trucks for your hauling.
  • Professional haulers will have the equipment needed for the job. Let’s say you have a cab and a bed for hauling. What do you do if you need a low-boy o get your road grader under an unusually tight underpass? Will you need to make two trips because some state on your route requires you to take the blade off your bulldozer, even if it’s not a wide load? Do you have scout cars and escort cars and the right lights and signs for oversized loads? Specialized truckers will have all of these things when you need them.
  • Professional haulers will be fully licensed and fully insured. It’s easy to miss some permit or license you need to make a long haul across state lines — and these kinds of things have a way of coming to light in the middle of a trip, so you have to turn around and take care of them. A professional long haul and oversize transportation company will have all the insurance coverage you need, from the moment their operator is driving your bulldozer or road graders or crane onto the platform bed, until you reach your destination with your heavy haul equipment.
  • Professional specialized freight haulers have experience with unusual situations. Let’s say you checked out the height of every overpass and the weight limits on every bridge. You can drive in any kind of weather, and you know what to do when a tire blows out of a line loses pressure. All of that is great, but it’s not really enough. Professional drivers will avoid accidents. They will behave with courtesy that leaves a good impression on your customers. And they will know where they are going. They will know the sharp curves and steep grades and places where the road ices up in winter because they drive the same roads over and over.
  • Professional hauling companies use telematics. Just about everybody these days has GPS these days. GPS can tell you where you went. Dash cams can record “traffic events.” But a company specializing in moving heavy equipment can provide real-time GPS to keep track of your equipment every second along the route and give you minute by minute updates on progress of the trip.
  • Professional companies have flag cars: Have you ever seen a flatbed truck hauling a huge tractor down the interstate with what appears to be a chaser car behind it? Also called a pilot car or an escort vehicle, a flag car typically follows behind a truck that’s carrying an oversize load. Since a transport truck driver may not have the best line of sight around their oddly shaped cargo, flag cars help by signaling lane changes, assisting with merging, and acting as a security warning system for pedestrians and other drivers. It’s not unusual for “wide load” to be printed on the car, with orange caution flags on its driver and passenger sides. We’ll admit that this isn’t a high-tech service. But it’s a lot easier and cheaper if we do it and you don’t have to.

Whether you are moving an Acco Super Dozer or a 60″ Takeuchi excavator, whether you have a wide load, a heavy load, a long load, or specialized delivery requirements specialized transportation service for oversize hauling services can help.

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