Shipping by truck also allows you to ship goods that require some specific conditions. Truck shipping is, however, not just that. Many services are associated with truck shipping, like flatbed shipping services.

To have your goods shipped to your location safely, fast, and economically, you must know which type of service to use. However, if you deal with heavy and large goods such as industrial machines, the best option would be to use flatbed trucking services. This is where Osage Specialized Transport comes in. At Osage, we care a lot about your delivery, and we ensure you never have to worry when your equipment is on the road.

Flatbed Transport in Canada

Flatbed trucking services in Canada involve transporting heavier and larger goods. With flatbed shipping, one can transport goods with dimensions that may otherwise not fit inside regular trailers.

Flatbed trucking also allows for easier loading and unloading of goods. This form of trucking is essential for transporting goods already packed in containers, shipping vehicles, and other equipment that are weather intolerant.

Additionally, machinery used in the agriculture and construction industries are ideally transported using flatbed services. However, these machines are prone to weather damage, but also extra-large and heavy.

If you are dealing with heavy machines, using flatbed trucking services is your best option. All you can worry about is where to receive the services, the time it takes, and everything you need to make the process all smooth.

As mentioned above, flatbed service is a type of truck shipping service that allows one to ship large and heavy equipment. The equipment can be cars and industrial machines that are too large to fit in the usual regular vehicles.

At Osage specialized transport, we deal with heavy loads and oversized machinery from various industries, including agriculture, pipeline, constructions, and many others requiring movement of heavy loads from site to site. If you have a heavy load that needs to be transported to another location, you can trust us to deliver it safely and on time.

Why you should choose Osage for your Canada flatbed trucking services…

Below are some of the benefits that come with using our flatbed services for your large and heavy goods:

  • Our flatbed transport services offer the user dimensional flexibility for their goods. This means that you can transport any size of goods because there are no walls involved in flatbed services trucks.
  • With our flatbed trucks, you can load or offload your goods from any side. While the normal dry van trailers can only load or unload goods from the rear, a flatbed trailer can do this from any side.
  • It is economical, especially when you are transporting big machinery.

Working with a professional flatbed shipping company like Osage allows you to properly locate your order by finding a suitable flatbed truck to move your load. Also, professional shipping companies, especially those in the shipping industry for many years, will make shipping a lot easier for you.

If your business relies on heavy and large equipment, you need a shipping company that you can fully trust, has the resources to get the work done and aims at impressing you, the customer.

At Osage, we go above and beyond to ensure that your heavy load arrives at the final location safely and without delay. We have a team of specialized heavy load movers who work together to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

Osage has its internal dispatch software that allows us to retain records and documentation on all shipments.

We can monitor every machine it moves, every time it moves it. This assists clients in keeping track of delivery locations and the components associated with that equipment. In addition, this speeds up the process if papers need to be reviewed by additional people or if a copy is lost in transit and needs to be replaced for final invoicing.

We primarily haul for the pipeline sector, with a focus on high-pressure gas equipment and spreads, although this is not exclusive. We can handle any oversize load, from whoever, wherever.


Shipping goods alone is tiresome and overwhelming but choosing a company that will help you with the shipping is two times harder. At Osage, we relieve off this troubling responsibility. If you need any oversized load carried of a flatbed truck to any location across Canada, reach out to us at (303) 326-0374 or fill out our short online form and our agent will be in touch with you.