How We Got Started

Osage Specialized Transport, Inc., a company specializing in heavy hauling services, was originally formed in January of 1995 as Native Sons Transportation as an independent carrier. In October of 2001, the company decided to become an agent organized trucking company working with larger carriers who employed the owner/operators.

As the company changed structures, they reformed the name to better suit the company for the future. The company changed from an asset-based company to a non-asset-based agent. This allowed for the business to grow and the owner/operators to gain their own freedom and be independent business owners.

Osage has always worked with the philosophy, “we work for two entities; the customers and the drivers” and they have maintained a very pro-active relationship with both. The company has sustained the same ownership since inception as a 50/50 partnership with Alvin Chowning and Gineva McKinney, who have over 75 years of combined experience in transportation, driving, operations and safety. Al Chowning has hauled steel, meat, chemicals and machinery in his years prior to becoming part owner. Gineva McKinney has always taken care of the invoicing and payment priorities as well as some dispatch. Commodities for Osage have included buildings, tankers, equipment and even a 60-foot Christmas tree for the City of Avon, Colorado, as well as many things in between.

The company strives to be involved on the ground level of all processes, such as helping on job sites with loading and unloading, as well as taking care of the required proof of delivery paperwork that is mandatory for every load. Osage’s fleet of drivers is familiar with the operation of the equipment and commodities the company hauls. There is always someone available to help field questions, get answers and take care of the details. Al spends time on the job sites helping the customers and the drivers, while Gineva maintains the office and all the background work that keeps the business running. The owners are ably assisted by a supportive staff.

Our Specialties

Osage maintains its own internal dispatch program which permits them to keep records and documents on all loads.

The company is capable of tracking every machine they move, every time they move it. This helps the pipelines keep track of delivery locations and the parts that go with those machines. The company has the images available on loads to provide customers support of all transport movements. This allows for an expedited process if documents need to be seen by additional personnel or if a copy is lost in transition and needs to be replaced for final billing.

Focusing on the Pipeline Industry

The company hauls mainly for the pipeline industry, with a specialty in the high- pressure gas equipment and their spreads, but this is not exclusive. They have worked for numerous Caterpillar dealers, as well as John Deere, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Terex, Manitowoc, Link-belt, and many others. The company also hauls for many large construction companies along with independent contractors throughout the continental United States. The company is capable of transporting into Canada, which they have done for the pipelines, as well as into Mexico.

Osage became associated with the pipeline industry during a pipeline project in Colorado. Gregory and Cook of Houston, Texas was looking for a local carrier to transport equipment from Casper, Wyoming to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company followed them to Wyoming and Montana meeting other pipeline companies along the way. The company has moved equipment for the Rex line, as well as the Ruby Pipeline, the 1st Keystone line, the North Dakota Access and the Rover Pipeline. The company continues to work with many of the pipeline companies today.

The company’s office is in Colorado but working with several carriers Osage can maintain a fleet that runs nationwide. This allows the company to get drivers on site and move equipment quickly. The company runs a routine fleet of between 40 and 50 trucks, but this can increase as the demand increases and as the pipeline industry gets busier. This permits the drivers to get home when necessary but keeps a taskforce of trucks to take care of the necessary work. The company still operates in Colorado and the surrounding states hauling construction equipment for local customers who helped start our business.

Driver Support System

Osage is very lucky to have a fleet of devoted owner/operators who not only enjoy the transport of equipment but
bring their friendships and support. They have been able to develop with the pipeline customers and contractors.
The drivers rely on Osage to help keep all paperwork expedited so that all payments are processed in a timely and orderly manner. The new electronic logs have changed the transport industry, reducing the time frame on the heavy haul trucking business. It has slowed the response time of owner/operators, but the company continues to strive for customer service. The company’s customers and drivers
are Osages’ greatest assets.

Osage works tirelessly to maintain customer relations on the job sites and with all customer offices for our hauling and freight transport services. The company strives to be the second set of hands to help complete the project. The company’s customers buy and operate the best equipment available and depend on it to be operational when necessary. The company aims to provide the same
kind of service to keep the job sites moving efficiently. The company has a dedicated fleet to get the equipment moved in a timely and safe manner.

Osage is grateful for its pipeline customers and the dedicated drivers they work with every day.