About Us

back view of truck hauling equipment

1995 – Osage Specialized Transport was founded.

2001 – Osage becomes an agent for Dallas Mavis Specialized Carriers, which since has become part of the Greatwide Truckload Management team.

2005 – Osage becomes a top 5 agent for Greatwide, Greentree Transportation, and Midwest Specialized Transport

2008 – Osage expands becoming an agent for Buchanan Hauling and Rigging.

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  • Osage Specialized Transport recognizes the value of its customers, customer representatives, independent drivers, transport partners and employees.

  • Osage is committed to providing excellent support and performance by providing the best transport and logistical solutions to the markets, customers and drivers it serves.

  • Our experienced team of professionals has come together to build one of the fastest growing specialized transport company‚Äôs in the US.

  • Our priority is to the customers we service and the drivers we use.