At Osage Specialized Transport, Inc., we offer heavy haul trucking options to major companies across North America. With trucking connections across the country and knowledge of oversize load laws by state, we can efficiently deliver shipments at any location. We also have over four decades of experience transporting larger carriers from flatbeds to an entire job site, providing reliability and exceptional customer service to our valued clients.

Osage has always maintained a very pro-active relationship between the customers and the drivers.

Explore our Expertise

Specialized Transport

We offer specialized trucking equipment to our operators to provide a broader base of varied equipment. With direct communication with the drivers, we can deliver superior services, including heavy equipment and the construction industry. Our specialized services are geared towards transporting heavy machinery or equipment across long distances.

Oversize Load

We’re specialized in wide and oversize load transport. We offer specialized transport to make sure every coal excavation we haul arrives safely and intact anywhere countrywide. When it comes to the transportation of oversized cargo, Osage is an experienced heavy earth mover. We strive to meet all the laws and other safety requirements involved in hauling heavy and large loads.

We have specially trained, highly skilled drivers who can react quickly to any situation, from winding highways and uneven surfaces to being surrounded by erratic automobile drivers. Our hauling, moving, and shipping services are targeting oilfields, mining, and construction, food manufacturing, and farming industries.

Logistics & Freight Management Systems

Osage offers robust capabilities in logistical planning and oversight through transportation management systems (TMS). It has a dedicated internal dispatcher and logistics agent to emphasize tracking through our robust TMS solutions. We are also capable of providing timely information.

Our TMS is designed to be as user-friendly as possible to give you instant insights into your freight transportation. Osage also takes data security seriously and works hard to protect your vital records. Our TMS helps you keep drivers running on scheduled that are conducive to your operations and totally compliant with DOT standards with access to multiple load boards.

Our Impact on Various Industries

Osage Specialized Transport is impacting different industries needing heavy hauling services:

Oil and Gas Pipelines

The business primarily serves the pipeline industry, with a focus on high-pressure gas equipment and spreads, but this is not exclusive. We’ve done work with Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Terex, Manitowoc, Link-belt, and many more companies. Throughout the United States, Osage Specialized Transport also hauls for a number of major construction firms as well as individual contractors. We are capable of shipping into Canada, as well as into Mexico. With the ability to maintain our own internal dispatch program, we can track the oil and natural gas pipeline machinery from pickup to arrival.

Coal Excavation

Heavy coal excavation loads are subject to various rules and regulations. Our company has the experience to help you avoid slowdowns or any inconveniences caused by safety violations. Our experienced heavy haul drivers specialize in oversize and overweight shipping of coal excavators.


Food goes a long way before it gets on the table. In the farms and processing plants, heavy-duty equipment such as tractors, grinding machinery, and other heavy engines may need transportation from one location to the other. Our specialized drivers acknowledge this need, and we offer the quickest and efficient solution to ensure the heavy equipment is at the desired locations at the required time. Whether you’re in the dairy, poultry, or crop growing industry, whatever heavy machinery you need to be delivered is safe at our hands.

Wind Power

Wind farms may face challenges transporting those gigantic wind turbines from the factory to the wind farm. We are specialized in moving the heaviest loads, including the turbines and other equipment necessary for wind farms, across North America.


Wheeled and tracked machinery are always on the move to sites where they are needed. Whether it’s building construction or road construction, our specialized transport services will ensure all the machinery arrives on site. From bulldozer transport to backhoes, cranes, and excavators, once it is picked by us, you don’t need to worry about arrival time. We strive never to fail our customers.