Osage Specialized Transport is a trusted service for specialized transport with over four decades of expertise, extensive resources, ties with multiple major carriers, and incredible versatility. We can move everything from flatbeds to a whole worksite as a full-service transport and logistic agent, committing ourselves to provide customer service to each one of our respected customers with reliability, timeliness, and exceptions. Over the years, we have enabled hundreds of companies to provide transport and freight transportation services.

For heavy equipment used in industries such as construction, mining, as well as oversized loads, Osage transportation service offers all aspects of transport. As a result, the whole continental U.S. and Canada can be benefitted.

Osage has got you covered whether you require flatbeds, step decks, or RGN trucking solutions. Our long flatbed trailers are suitable for transporting wood, pallet freight, steel, other goods, and more.

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Why go for flatbed delivery service from Osage?

At Osage, we ensure that your heavy load arrives safely and on time in any location within the united states. Below are just a few examples of how we’re helping:


The agricultural sector is one of the world’s largest; therefore, floating vehicles play a crucial part in helping the economy. In addition, flatbed trucks allow for long-distance machinery and supplies via country roads, which would otherwise be a hazardous undertaking.

This means that farmers have a way to receive all the necessary equipment and supply without spending a fortune or finding unique transport options that save everybody money.

Hauling Equipment

If a workplace needs equipment, the equipment must be secure and efficient. You may have seen a flatbed truck carrying some form of machinery when you were ever out on a rural route, whether it was a tractor, backhoe, or something. Safe transport of equipment is one of the most significant advantages of the use of flatbed trailers.

Transportation Restrictions

No matter what type of job site you’re working on, there’s a strong possibility that a significant quantity of cleanup will be required. One of the most crucial aspects of cleaning up a job site is figuring out what to do with all the leftover materials, which is especially significant in the construction industry.

They are also utilized to transport scrap away from construction sites, transporting it to an appropriate recycling facility while providing construction teams with additional workspace to work.

Baled Tires

Every year in the United States, millions of tires are accumulated in a storage facility. Even though it may not appear to be a significant concern, tire stockpiling can cause fires and serve as an excellent breeding ground for vermin to establish a home. To avoid this, the tires are crushed into bales and taken away for another purpose. But, of course, flatbed trucks are the best option when it comes to transporting baled tires from one location to another.

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The fact that flatbed trucks are extremely simple to load distinguishes them from other types of vehicles. No matter what you need to move, there’s a strong probability that a flatbed truck will be able to do the job successfully.

Given that flatbed trucks allow for a bit of overhang when correctly loaded, they can be used to transport even the most strangely shaped building materials, equipment, and scrap materials. With a good flatbed, you can haul just about anything with relative ease.

Osage maintains our internal dispatching engine that allows you to retain all loads with records and papers. Our company can trace each moving machine. This helps the pipelines to monitor the delivery sites and the components of the devices. In addition, the organization provides pictures of all transit movements for its customers.

This enables the speedy process of reviewing documentation by additional staff or when a copy is lost in the transition to the final billing process. Our company also carries with it independent contractors across the Continental United States for numerous significant construction dealers.

Our telephone help is accessible 24 hours a day to your convenience. So the next time you require convenient, reasonably priced, adaptable transport and transport services, we hope that you trust Osage Specialized Transport’s competent and friendly crew with your essential job.

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