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You become more efficient when you depend on a professional and skilled transportation partner to give you practical solutions that are equitable for you and your business. We will offer you solutions, including in a package of transportation competence, logistics reinforcement, and asset-based trucking.

Who is Osage Specialized Transport?

Osage company based in Vermont is here to serve you with the best transportation services specializing in hauling services. We offer heavy hauling and trucking services for industries such as pipelines, construction, energy, and any other business that uses heavy equipment such as agriculture and mining.

We are connected throughout the country, and we offer expertise and efficient shipment wherever you are.

What Transportation Services Do We Excel In?

Osage Specialized Transport: Hauling

Specialized Transport & Hauling Services

We offer you specialized transport to meet more significant challenges. Our target market is substantial industries, including construction, pipeline, mining, agriculture, and the energy sector. We have ventured into various types of specialized transportation such as flatbed, dry bed, and modernized trucks and trailers.

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Osage Specialized Transport: Oversized

Oversize Loads & Heavy Equipment Transport

We offer you oversize load trucking by transporting freight, large items that surpass maximum size limits that are legally set for specific trailers. We understand that oversize load shipping is complex and challenging for many shipping consumers due to various special requirements.
Nonetheless, we have beaten the odds and can deliver the oversize load shipments you want with decades of experience planning and on-time delivery.

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Osage Specialized Transport: Logistics

Logistics & Transportation Management

We offer logistics and transportation management services countrywide—our logistics team works to offer lots of solutions. We receive, process orders, check and prepare inventory, pack and pick items into trucks, dispatch, and select transportation routes that will ensure your trucks are delivered on time.

We also boast of an efficient logistics management system where we combine software tools to optimize every process—from receiving an order to delivering to every customer’s door.

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Why Choose Osage Specialized Transport?

When you work with Osage specialized transport, you can bank on us for reliable delivery wherever you are within the country. We offer 24/7 visibility and tracking technology that allows you to know your shipment status or where your delivery has reached any time and day.

There are many reasons why you should choose Osage. Let us look at some of the best ones.


Osage works around your schedule to fulfill all your long-haul shipping requirements, regardless of whether you ship equipment’s countrywide or need reliable transport for your one-off volume.

We meet all your irregular or unpredicted shipments.

Reliable Volume

We boast of a fleet of over 4000+ trucks, full-service freight brokerage, and a thousand network of the country’s top carriers.

Trailer Diversity

We provide any equipment you need, just a call away, ranging from crane van, dry van, and Conestoga trailers. We even stock multi-axle heavy haul trailers and several open decks regardless of the freight weight.


We provide you with top-notch trucks that are environmentally friendly with minimal emissions. We have partnered with brokerages that provide EPA Smart way certified shipping to ensure that you get efficient services.

Customer Service

Customer support is vital in every business. Osage is always at the forefront to ensure that you are served by the best team that is skilled and trained in answering all your specialized transportation queries.

We Are Available 24/7, 365 Days

You can reach us via our phone number, email, or talk to us directly on our live chat and place your order. You can also visit us in our offices in Vermont if you need to know more about us.

We are ready to make all your transportation dreams a reality. We provide the best trucks countrywide.