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Osage Specialized Transport was initially formed as an independent carrier in January 1995. The company later became an agent-organized trucking company working with larger carriers In October 2001. Nearly two decades since its transformation, Osage has become one of the most respected specialized transport companies in the country. The company is able to track every load on the move, helping pipeline companies keep track of delivery locations. Placing images on loads also offers specialized customer support of all transport movements. Today, Osage is the leading Saskatchewan trucking company offering heavy haul and specialized trucking options to major companies. It has vast trucking connections, making it capable to expertly deliver shipments at any location within the province of Saskatchewan. We offer the following services:

Specialized Transport & Hauling Services in Saskatchewan

Being affiliated with large carriers, Osage Specialized Transport can provide their clients with all the specialized trucking equipment necessary for hauling heavy machinery. Our unique services provide a broader base of varied equipment than what a single company can access. The company also has direct communication with the driver, placing them better positioned to supply superior service than what a brokerage company can do. We also have experience obtaining the necessary paperwork and permits involved in the interstate transport of heavy equipment, reducing the burden of worry on our customers. Besides, we expertly track the progress of all shipments. Thanks to our sophisticated logistics management system, which allows us to keep an outstanding safety record.

Oversize Loads

Osage has four decades of experience in transporting wide and oversized loads. Besides, everything we haul arrives safely and intact. We are a specialized transport company that transports heavy loads anywhere in the country, making us the most sought-after trucking company in Saskatchewan. The company adheres to all the laws and safety requirements needed in hauling heavy and oversized loads. With specially trained, highly skilled drivers, we can take quick action in case of any situation.

Logistics & Transportation Management

Osage has the ability to coordinate, track and adapt to logistical needs hence offering robust capabilities in logistical planning and oversight. Our managers use logistics and transportation management systems to adapt to logistical needs. Working with our team will ensure you have a dedicated internal dispatcher and logistics, meaning that your freight will be handled accordingly. With our robust TMS solutions, we put emphasis on tracking to give you up-to-the-minute information about your freight transportation.

Specialized Transport & Hauling Services for Industries in Saskatchewan

In compliance with the philosophy, “we work for two entities; the customers and the drivers,” Osage Specialized Transport has continued impacting different industries in Saskatchewan, from hauling an oversize load to specialized construction equipment to a one-way freight.

Pipeline Industry

The company hauls freight mainly for the pipeline industry, specializing in the high- pressure gas equipment. Osage has moved equipment for the Rex line and the Rover Pipeline, North Dakota Access, the Ruby Pipeline, and the 1st Keystone line. No matter how large and outsize transportation you need, Osage has the knowledgeable and professional staff to get it to its desired destination on time.

Construction and Mining Transport

If you want to move your Wheeled and tracked machinery to the construction sites, Osage is here at your service. We have worked with many companies, including Caterpillar dealers, John Deere, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Terex, Manitowoc, and Link-belt. We will ensure all the machinery arrives on-site in a timely fashion. Osage has experience in hauling for many large construction companies as well as independent contractors across the United States. The company also transports freight into Canada as well as into Mexico. The company continues to work with many of the Construction and mining companies today.

Agriculture Transport

Osage offers the quickest and efficient transport solution to heavy-duty equipment such as tractors, grinding machinery, and other heavy farm engines. So regardless of your farming industry, whatever heavy machinery you need to be delivered will reach its destination safely and on time.

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At Osage Specialized Transport, we offer heavy haul and specialized trucking options to major companies. If you want anything hauled long-distance, reach out to Osage Specialized Transportation for your heavy equipment transport needs. We take our customer’s equipment and your peace of mind seriously as we strive to provide the best transport and logistical solutions. We offer 27/7 customer support to give you peace of mind every step of the way. If you need to transport any heavy freight, call us at (303) 326-0374 or message us online and get your oversize load on the road today with the Osage streamlined freight operations.