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Who is Osage Specialized Transport?

Osage Specialized Transport is a trucking firm that hauls heavy equipment and oversize load. In January 1995, the company was formed as an independent carrier that operated under Native Sons Transportation. In October 2001, the firm became an agent-based trucking company.

The firm joined hands with Alvin Chowning and Gineva-McKinney, who are experienced in driving, transportation, and operational safety. The company hauls heavy equipment and commodities such as buildings, tankers, Christmas trees, and heavy oversize loads.

The company’s drivers are familiar with commodities and the equipment the firm hauls. Clients are assured that the drivers uphold integrity and professionalism. The firm tracks all transported equipment until they reach the destination. The company offers real-time updates to customers to ensure that the equipment transported are secure and in the right condition.

What Transportation Services Do We Excel In?

Osage Specialized Transport: Hauling

Specialized Transport & Hauling Services

Critical shipment of loads require well- maintained, dedicated trucks and trailers. That’s why Osage has improved its operation to become the best firm in hauling services. Thousands of customers trust the company in handling new equipment of immense value and size.

Osage has the best large carriers that offer effective and efficient transportation of heavy equipment. The company’s staff communicate directly with drivers to ensure all hauling protocols are followed to the latter. It’s a follow-up procedure to ensure the freight reaches the destination safely. The move ensures that there are minimal logistic challenge

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Osage Specialized Transport: Oversized

Oversize Load

Osage is one of the best companies when it comes to the transportation of oversize load. The firm ensures that the shipment arrives at the client’s place safely and intact.


Why Osage is the Best in Oversize Load Transportation

Route Assessment

When transporting freight for long distances, the route selection for the shipment is vital. Some roadways can’t handle heavy loads, and different states have different regulations. That’s why Osage carries out route assessment to identify the best and safest route possible for the shipment. It’s a strategy of ensuring that the oversize load reaches the new home safely and on time.

Oversize load permits and regulations

Heavy haul transportation requires specialized permits. The most challenging thing is that every State has different regulations. Apart from size regulations, there are restrictions on when and how the drivers transport the oversize loads.

Osage have a long time of experience in the transportation of oversize loads. It means that the firm knows every State’s regulations and has links that help in getting updates. The firm understands the State that limits night or weekend transportation. The move helps to advise the clients on the possible solution for their oversize loads.

Logistics & Transportation Management

The firm has an efficient logistic and transport network that uses a transportation management system (TMS) to meet customer’s expectations. The use of this cutting-edge technology helps the company to keep track of all transported equipment.

Since customers always want to make sure that their freight is safe in transit, the firm applies Geo-fencing to do the task. The technology uses a tracking system to create a virtual boundary. It’s the way of ensuring that the truck stays on its pre-determined course. It’s a strategy that the company uses to monitor the truck’s route until it arrives at the destination.

The firms automate tasks and mine data for actionable insights. The use of computing power and cloud capabilities help to identify areas of logistical improvement. The firm can therefore improve operational efficiency and risk management. The process allows the firm to provide a holistic solution to supply chain issues.

Why Choose Osage?

Strong Customer Service

The firm has the best customer care staff that operate on a 24-hour schedule. The team welcomes any questions and concerns that are related to hauling heavy equipment. Whether it’s an emergency or deadline update, customer care is attentive and resolves issues professionally.

A Variety of Equipment Options

The firm is extremely reliable and versatile in the transportation of heavy equipment and oversize loads. It offers a variety of shipping options, such as double drop flatbed carriers. It’s an ideal company for hauling overweight items.

Logistics Services

Many logistic processes are involved in shipping the equipment. From loading to offloading services, these practices are hectic to customers. Osage is aware of this problem where the firm ensures that the loads reach the customer safely and on time without logistic struggles.


Customers always look for a trucking company that has been in the industry for a long time. Credibility and reliability is the reason why customers run for these companies. The good news is that Osage has been offering the best-personalized services for the longest time. It’s a trusted company that serves thousands of customers in the U.S. and Canada.