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If you are looking for a reliable team of professionals who can help you with your specialty and oversized transportation needs, then look no further than Osage Specialized Transport. We are honored that you have considered us for your cargo needs. Please learn a little bit more about our team of professionals by checking out some of our helpful information below!

Osage Specialized Transport

Got Specialized Transportation Needs? We Have Solutions!

Whether hauling an oversize load, specialized construction equipment, or need a one-way freight, Osage has you covered! Download our brochure to discover the difference working with a company that has 40-plus years in the business can offer to you and your business’ bottom line!

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Who is Osage Specialized Transport?

At Osage Specialized Transport, we were founded in 1995 as an independent carrier called Native Sons Transportation. In 2001, we became an agent-organized trucking company. We worked with large carriers who employed their own owners and operators. Eventually, we reformed our name to Osage Specialized Transport to reflect our shifting and expanding priorities, aligning us with our future goals. Even though we grew quickly, we maintained our focus on our customers and our drivers as we expanded our services.
Washington Trucking Company

We Cater to a Wide Variety of Clientele

Our background and innovative business growth mean that we have the trucking equipment, logistical expertise, and industry-specific knowledge required to move your shipment. While we specialize in freight logistics and hauling heavy machinery, we serve professionals from a wide range of industries.

Areas We Specialize In

Heavy Machinery
Construction equipment
Agriculture machinery
Aerospace components
Industrial manufacturing devices
Excavation Equipment

Industries We Serve

Coal excavation
Food manufacturing
Dairy farmers
Oil & natural gas pipelines
Wind energy
Local agronomy

What Transportation Services Do We Excel In?

Osage Specialized Transport: Hauling

Specialized Transport & Hauling Services

We provide specialty transportation in all phases of transportation including:

  • Movement for the pipeline industry
  • Heavy equipment transportation
  • Construction equipment transportation

We provide 24-hour, live-person contact services to make sure that you can get your questions answered day or night. You can even track your equipment as our team of professionals moves it from place to place. We can even offer permit services to help you move your oversize or overweight equipment. Whether you need help moving a single piece of equipment or an entire job site, our team can help you get the job done quickly and safely.

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Osage Specialized Transport: Oversized

Oversize Loads & Heavy Equipment Transport

At Osage Specialized Transport, we can help you with your oversize load transportation needs. This started out as our specialty and as we have grown, we continue to provide one of the best oversize load transportation services in the industry. We have an unparalleled level of experience when it comes to moving heavy loads in the United States and Canada. We understand that moving oversized equipment is nothing like moving furniture for a home or office. We abide by the latest safety requirements to make sure that you, our professionals, and your equipment remains safe. Rely on our team of highly skilled drivers who can react to changing conditions quickly, ensuring your equipment arrives safely at its destination

View Washington’s Truck Size and Weight Limit Laws

Osage Specialized Transport: Logistics

Logistics & Transportation Management

Freight servicing is not complete without the ability to track and coordinate your equipment in-transit. That is where our logistics teams are helpful. We have robust capabilities that anticipate problems and react to changing conditions. These include:

  • Internal dispatches
  • Advanced equipment tracking
  • Integration with advanced technology
  • Load boards

These logistics capabilities play key roles in helping us meet the rising expectations of our clients. Take advantage of the transportation management and logistical systems at Osage Specialized Transport and rely on our professionals for your transport needs.

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9 Key Ways We Set Ourselves Apart

Wondering what sets us apart from the others?! In the transit field, experience matters, as does a strong, customer-satisfaction mindset. At Osage, we excel in these areas, which encompass and inform everything else we do. As full-service logistics and transporting agents, we put customer needs first. That’s why our Oklahoma customers trust us for all types of heavy hauling–and you can, too. Important features of our hauling business and services that make us stand out include:

#1 Dedicated Dispatch Contact

Your assigned logistics manager stays on top of all the details related to the location and timing of your heavy machinery transportation.

#2 Easy-Access Tracking

We can easily and precisely track your load by any data point, such as serial, machine, or customer ID numbers.

#3 Secure Connection

Our sophisticated information-sharing setup is designed to readily provide data, reports, invoicing, and more. All the details are at your fingertips, accessed via a user-friendly interface.

#4 Load Board Supervision

Using our TMS, you can ensure truck drivers are on schedule, and in DOT compliance, for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

#5 Background

Company owners and staff have boots-on-the-ground experience in all aspects of long-haul trucking and logistic tracking.

#6 Preparation

We have the tools and equipment to ensure your heavy machinery is transported safely and on time.

#7 Industry Partnerships

We maintain valuable relationships with several large carriers that help us ensure your machinery moves problem-free from point A to point B.

#8 Flexibility

We work across a variety of industries that fuel the vibrant Washington economy. We move a single piece of machinery or your whole spread.

#9 Technology

We use cutting edge technology to keep you informed and streamline the heavy machinery shipping process to support your business growth. We help our independent truckers succeed and exceed your expectations with proprietary transportation management systems and communications channels.

Osage Specialized Transport

Need Heavy Equipment Hauled? We Have You Covered!

Whether hauling an oversize load, specialized construction equipment, or need a one-way freight, Osage has you covered! Download our brochure to discover the difference working with a company that has 40-plus years in the business can offer to you and your business’ bottom line!

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Why Choose Us?

At Osage Specialized Transport, there are a few reasons why our drivers and customers have continuously partnered with us. These include:

  • We always place the needs of our customers and drivers ahead of our own
  • We value our relationships with commit ourselves every day to providing exceptional support and performance
  • We work hard to stay on top of the latest logistical solutions to ensure that we provide the best service possible
  • We are one of the fastest-growing transport companies in the United States, which is a reflection of our high-quality service and our commitment to our clients
  • No matter how much our company grows, we will always maintain our focus on our clients.

No matter how much our company grows, we will always maintain our focus on our clients.

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