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  •  Founded in 1995
  •  Greatwide Truckload Management Team Member
  •  Top 5 Agent for Greatwide, Greentree Transportation & Midwest
  •  Buchanan Hauling & Rigging Agent
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Osage Specialized Transport


Whether hauling an oversize load, specialized construction equipment, or need a one-way freight, Osage has you covered! Download our brochure to discover the difference working with a company that has 40-plus years in the business can offer to you and your business’ bottom line!

Osage Specialized Transport is a company that specializes in heavy hauling services. The company started as Native Sons Transportation in January 1995 as an independent carrier. Later, the company evolved into a trucking company working with large carriers, but it was managed by agents this time. The company continued changing its structure, and so did they have to change its name. The company stopped being based on asset agents, and now it was based on non-asset agents. Due to this, the company continued to grow, and the operators gained more freedom and became independent business owners.

Osage Specialized Transport has different types of commodities that include building, equipment, tankers, among others. The company’s main objective is to ensure that we are involved with ground-level activities like helping customers in activities like loading, unloading, and taking care of the delivery paperwork required in any load. All the drivers at Osage Specialized Transport are experienced in the operation of equipment and communities hauled by our company.


The company specializes in several services that it offers its customers. Due to our commitment and professionalism, the company has excelled in the following areas;



Our company is a non-asset-based agent affiliated with large carriers. We have specialized trucking equipment that enables us to offer our services to our customers. We are always there for the customers who require hauling over long distances. We have so much experience in hauling, not to mention the vast resources that enable us to be reliable in specialized transport. We provide all phase transportation for heavy machinery and equipment in industries like the mining and construction industries. Our specialty transportation services, however, are limited to continental US and Canada. Our customer care services are always there for you, just if you want us to offer you our transportation services. Since we still have direct communication with all the drivers who provide transportation services, we have always provided superior services to our customers.

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In our company, we specialize in wide and oversize load transport. For anyone running a business, you can always count on our heavy equipment at any time. Heavy equipment and oversize loads cannot be trusted to anyone since they can reach their expected destinations when they are not intact. However, if you do not want to have such an experience, we are the best people to offer you the oversize load transportation services that you need. It is always our objective to ensure that any oversize load or heavy equipment that we haul reached safely to their owners.

This is because we have safety equipment that we use when we are hauling these oversize loads and heavy equipment all over the US and Canada. With our specially trained and experienced drivers, you can count on your loads’ safety without worrying about the terrains they are going to use since they have the experience and are qualified to use any terrain to reach your destination. They are the best, and you can trust them.



Coordinating, tracking and adapting to the logistical needs ensures that freight servicing is complete. When it comes to logistical planning and transportation management system oversight, Osage Specialized Transport Inc is always there for you. Our full-service logistics company located in Denver, CO, ensures that all your freight transportation needs are met by ensuring that we offer you the best services regarding internal dispatch, tracking ability, and load board services and integration.


There are so many companies that you can select when you need the transportation services that you need. However, some of the reasons why you need to choose us to include; We recognize the value of our customers, representatives of our customers, transportation partners, independent drivers, and all employees.

We are also committed to ensuring that we provide excellent and quality support and performance. Therefore, we offer the best transport solutions and also logistical solutions to all our customers and drivers. Our team is composed of professionals who are not only qualified, but also very experienced in offering the specialized services that customers require. Lastly, our priority is always the customers that require our services and the drivers that ensure that we meet our customers’ needs.