5 Reasons Why a Flatbed Truck is the Right Option for You

Whether you’re towing a broken-down vehicle or moving the contents of your house, you need a rugged and dependable vehicle. A flatbed truck is often the go-to choice for vehicle towing, but did you know that it works well for all kinds of hauling needs? In this article, we’ll break down five reasons why a flatbed truck is the right option for you.

What is a Flatbed Truck?

As the name suggests, a flatbed truck is a vehicle with a cab and a flat, uniform bed in the back. This truck type is different from a pickup since it doesn’t have any sides or a roof. Instead, it might have a short lip around the edge with hooks and openings for straps and other tie-downs.

There are three primary types of flatbed that need to be discussed, as flatbed ultimately refers to a trailer that is higher off the ground than is effective for heavy equipment transport. The first is the lowboy, which features a drop in deck height between the gooseneck and a deck that is extremely low to the ground when compared to other trailers. This allows for safe and effective transport of a range of industrial machinery and materials.

The next type that is important is the Removable Gooseneck trailer, which is often shortened to RGN. These trailers allow for the opportunity to transport more specialized loads, such as backhoes, excavators, and small cranes, as the trailer can be detached and dropped to the ground, creating a ramp for machinery to load and unload with. Here at Osage Specialized Transport, we primarily make use of the Lowboy and the RGN in order to transport most machinery and equipment.

The third type of trailer that is frequently used for transport will be the Step-Deck trailer, which is a common pick for transporting mid-size equipment. This type of trailer generally runs in between the size of a lowboy and the RGN, and are frequently used for midsized equipment such as forklifts, mini-excavators, and trenchers.

Benefits of Using a Flatbed Truck

Usually, individuals and businesses will consider flatbed trucks for vehicle hauling. However, these trucks are highly versatile and work well for a wide array of situations. Let’s break down the five main benefits of using a flatbed truck.

Can Carry Oversized Loads

The most significant limitation of a hook and chain tow truck or a box truck is that both options have strict size limitations. With a box truck, you’re constrained by the interior dimensions. With a hook and chain tow truck, you have to be able to tow a vehicle on its rear wheels. In both cases, an oversize or extra-tall load won’t work well.

Fortunately, flatbed trucks don’t have this problem. So, whether you need to haul a compact Honda or a construction site crane, you can do it all from the back of a flatbed truck. All you have to do is make sure that the base is large enough for your needs.

Easy to Load Cargo

Most tow trucks rely on the towed vehicle’s wheels to move around. But, what if the vehicle doesn’t have wheels, or those tires are flat or busted? In that case, a standard tow truck won’t be of much use. Instead, a flatbed truck can haul the entire vehicle no matter what state it’s in.

This convenience works well for all types of cargo as well. For example, if you’re hauling boxes and other freight, you can use a crane or a forklift to put the items on the back. With a standard box truck, you don’t have that luxury.

Works Well for Heavy Loads

Heavy-duty flatbed trucks are designed to carry massive equipment, such as cranes, farming gear, and more. So, these trucks are built tougher than most other kinds of cargo hauling vehicles. So, if you need to move a heavy piece of equipment, a flatbed is going to be your best choice. The heavier load coupled with the versatile loading options makes flatbed trucking a breeze for virtually all situations.

Extra Safety

As we mentioned, traditional hook and chain tow trucks require a vehicle with working rear tires. However, even if the towed vehicle is road-ready, hauling it like that will add wear and tear to the whole system. By comparison, a flatbed truck protects the vehicle because it takes the entire piece off the ground. So, whether the vehicle is partially damaged or fully intact, a flatbed truck preserves it in its current state and won’t put extra stress on it during the hauling process.

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

Finally, the best reason to use a flatbed truck is that it’s much easier to clean and maintain. Hook and chain tow trucks have complicated machinery, and box trucks have extra nooks and crannies to clean. Flatbed trucks are much less intense because workers simply have to hose down the back whenever there’s a mess.

This cost savings can translate to more affordable hauling rates for customers. In some cases, you might be able to save a lot of money by using a flatbed truck rather than a similar alternative.

Use a Flatbed Truck From Osage Trucking

No matter what kind of cargo you’re hauling, Osage Trucking has you covered. We have a massive fleet of trucks and trailers to suit our customers’ needs. If you’re not sure what kind of truck you will need, call us, and we can walk you through the selection process. No matter what, we’ll make sure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and in excellent condition. Contact us to learn more.