5 Ways to Transport Construction Equipment

The majority of construction equipment is heavy and large, which can pose logistics issues when moving construction machinery. While the task can seem daunting, there are several ways of transporting and shipping equipment from site to site locally or nationwide. Here’s a checklist of the top five equipment transport service options construction companies in Aurora, CO inquire with Osage Specialized Transport about.


1. Towing

Certain types of construction equipment are towable for short-distance transport. It will take a commercial vehicle and logistics professional to make the process go smoothly. The tow vehicle must have the ability to safely handle the task. This entails having adequate engine capacity and tread on the tires to manage the additional weight. Furthermore, the towed equipment must be up to safety standards.

2. Flatbed Trailers

One of the most common means that freight agents use to transport construction equipment is with flatbeds. As the name suggests, flatbed trailers can be tilted down for loading equipment and then raised to a flat level for secure travel. Flatbeds attach to a larger transport vehicle that can handle heavy loads. Unloading is a breeze with flatbeds, which come in many sizes and can often manage several tons of construction vehicles and machinery.

3. Specialized Trailers

Extra heavy hauling and oversized loads might not be suitable for transport on a flatbed. That’s where a specialized trailer like a double drop or nine-axle trailer might be the right option to get your construction machinery safely moved to where it’s needed.

Double drop trailers (aka lowboy trailers) and step deck trailers are types of commercial flatbeds that have different levels built in. The levels can drop down to accommodate equipment that exceeds maximum legal height limits on roadways or loads that need to cross beneath low bridges. Double drops also have expandable versions that are able to transport extra wide loads. Lowboys also drop down a bit further—down to 29 inches from the ground—for hauling extra tall cargo.

Nine-axle trailers are the perfect choice for contractors looking to move a sizable equipment fleet from point A to point B without hiring multiple cargo transporters. This perk ensures that all equipment will arrive on time and be ready to go. That’s because nine-axle trailers allow for transport without the need to disassemble and reassemble the construction equipment.

4. Shipping Construction Equipment

Does your equipment need to be sent overseas or across a body of water to an island location? We can have your machinery transported to the shipping vessel. It’s often possible to drive equipment on board the shipping container or vessel itself. If not, your machine is loaded onto a flat rack that puts it in the proper place. Freight agents can also secure the cargo in containers or dedicated storage areas on the vessel to prevent shifting during travel.

5. Take Construction Equipment Apart

Most heavy equipment can be moved all in one piece, but some must be disassembled before transport. Should this be the case with construction equipment, pieces of the machine can be strapped down to a flatbed and then reassembled upon arrival.

While this is also a way to avoid the extra expense of a specialized trailer, the time involved in putting it back together might negate any savings. For this reason, our logistics professionals and agents recommend moving any equipment that doesn’t require disassembly to be moved in one piece when possible.

Bonus Tip: Know About Any Legal Restrictions

Depending on where the cargo’s point of departure and destination are, there may be regional and state restrictions to be aware of. Guidelines might be in place concerning the type of transport vehicles that can be used along with weight limits on specific roadways.

As a knowledgeable freight broker with several locations, we are familiar with the regulations and legalities between counties, cities and states. Our partnering agents at Osage Specialized Transport are also privy to this essential information, so getting derailed or a citation along the way can be avoided.

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