Are You Meeting Road Check Compliance Standards? Info from a Transportation Service

With it now being June, the brand new Road Check enforcement sweep is just about to occur. Are you in compliance with the standards being implemented?

This latest inspection spree is being sponsored primarily by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. As a transportation service in Aurora, CO, we believe it to be of the utmost importance to make anyone who works with transportation companies aware of the primary aspects of the inspection spree so they can be prepared and meet all required safety standards. After all, safety is an issue that is a constant focus within the transportation and trucking industries. If driver and truck are not safe, then neither are the freight they are carrying or the other people sharing the road with them.

Here are a few of the aspects you will want to keep in mind when preparing for this spree of road checks.

Likelihood of being pulled over to increase

Within a 72-hour period from June 7 to 9, truck drivers are much more likely to be pulled over for a safety inspection. Technically, this can happen at any time of the year, though it usually is not considered a priority for potential inspectors.

If you are pulled over, you can expect representatives of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to conduct a 37-step Level 1 inspection, which is the most comprehensive form of vehicle inspection available. The CVSA recently stated it expected to perform approximately 75,000 inspections within the three-day spree, choosing vehicles at random. The goal is to promote greater safety across the commercial transportation industry and to raise awareness of what federal safety standards are in place.

Check your tires

There will be many parts of your vehicle that are subject to an inspection if you are pulled over, but the CVSA announced that this year’s primary area of focus for the 72-hour spree is going to be tires.

Blown tires are one of the most common causes of trucking accidents, which are among the most deadly forms of traffic accidents year after year. While tire checks are always a part of routine vehicle safety inspections—even before every single shipment occurs—they will be subject to an even greater amount of focus in these inspections. The CVSA is expected to carefully analyze air pressure, tire tread and overall tire condition, including the presence of any foreign objects caught between dual tires.

Therefore, you should simply engage in more thorough inspections of your vehicle, particularly your tires, before hitting the road.

Continuing a focus on safety

The CVSA announces these inspection sprees ahead of time because it wants to see as many people pass the test as possible. The goal is not primarily to punish those who fail the test, but to raise awareness so these safety standards will be followed all year long.

For more information about this inspection spree, reach out to Osage Specialized Transport, your trusted transportation service in Aurora, CO, today. Or, you can contact us online. We look forward to assisting you!