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Preparing for a Heavy Equipment Move: A Checklist for Success

April 4, 2023

Moving any kind of equipment can be difficult. Whether you’ve got construction equipment, kitchen equipment, or anything else, heavy equipment moving requires a lot of planning. To ensure that you succeed with moving heavy equipment, we have a checklist for you to follow. Your Heavy Equipment Moving Checklist Review the Owner’s Manual The owner’s manual for the equipment may contain details on how to transport it. Its own checklist may be featured, which is unique to the equipment. It may include how to secure moving parts or if some parts should be removed entirely prior to transport. If you don’t... View Article

Moving Heavy Machinery

6 Tips for Moving Heavy Machinery Safely

November 23, 2022

When you need to move heavy equipment machinery, the most effective method for doing so combines careful preparation on your part with a heavy equipment transport company that specializes in moving this type of equipment. Planning Your Load’s Move You need bulldozers, cranes, and combines hauled from your business to a construction site 200 miles away. Your first step in heavy equipment safety stems from making a plan that includes identifying and hiring a company that specializes in construction equipment transport. Check the owner’s manual for each piece of equipment to learn from the manufacturer how to avoid accidents when... View Article

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