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Carrier Spotlight: Admiral Merchants

February 12, 2019

Every now and then we like to give a shout out to some of the best logistics companies in the area that go above and beyond in the services they provide to their clients. Today we’re happy to profile Admiral Merchants, an outstanding logistics and trucking company in Denver, CO. A long history of high-quality service Admiral Merchants was born out of the integration of three old-line trucking firms in the 1960s. At the time, Bob Short, a Minneapolis-based transportation guru as well as an entrepreneur in the area of real estate and pro sports, purchased Merchants Motor Freight and... View Article

Colorado’s Chain Laws Are Now in Effect

October 11, 2017

With fall officially here and winter fast approaching, there are a lot of important regulations that are becoming more and more pertinent as road conditions become more hazardous. In Colorado, we expect a healthy amount of snow every year, and while this is great for skiing and playing in, it makes for some treacherous driving conditions. Snow and ice can greatly inhibit traction on the road, and sometimes they make it impossible for drivers to maintain control of their vehicle while driving. Because of conditions like these, accidents and collisions are all too common during the winter months, and they... View Article

How to Choose a Logistics Company

September 13, 2017

Running a business is certainly no easy feat. It often seems as though there is a virtually endless stream of decisions that have to be made. Everything from branding to distribution must be carefully considered in order to maximize efficiency, streamline processes and expand profitability. One such decision is selecting the right company to handle logistics. Coordinating the complex processes of a business is no small undertaking, so it should be handled by a company that is truly up for the challenge. You can look for a few key characteristics to help you narrow down your search and allow you... View Article

The Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Logistics in Aurora, CO

August 25, 2017

Many experts are saying that we could be sharing the road with autonomous vehicles sooner than was previously anticipated. These driverless automobiles will revolutionize the personal transportation industry, and they will also drastically reshape the shipping world. Logistics companies are already beginning to experiment with autonomous vehicle technology, and are exploring how these amazing new innovations will impact the logistics industry. Current autonomous uses in logistics While fully driverless trucks are still several years away from hitting the roads, it may come as a surprise to some people that autonomous vehicles are already used extensively in many modern warehouses. Driverless... View Article

10 Interesting Facts About Logistics That You Never Knew

July 13, 2017

“The cost-effective process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient movement and storage of goods from the point of origin to the end-user” is the definition of logistics offered by the DOT. In its most basic terms, logistics means getting goods to where they’re needed. Sounds simple, right? Actually, the truth is that, with an ever-increasing global supply chain, logistics has become more complex than ever. As a leading logistics company in Aurora, CO, we find that our clients often come to us looking for help with a problem: they feel they are not transporting goods efficiently, their shipping costs... View Article

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