Five Important Considerations to be Made for Heavy Equipment Hauling

Anyone who has ever dealt with heavy equipment hauling in Aurora, CO knows that it isn’t a leisurely Sunday drive. Many factors must go into hauling large equipment to ensure that the transportation process goes as smoothly as possible. The last thing you want is some kind of problem on the road that will delay the delivery of the heavy equipment. Here are five things to consider before you haul any heavy equipment.


The first question you need to ask yourself and your team is “when does the equipment need to be at its destination?” You can’t afford to get behind schedule when delivering heavy equipment. Getting behind schedule will cost the contractor money, which means you might not get paid as much. On top of that, a late delivery could cost you the contractor’s business in the future.. Be sure to plan to have the equipment at the site before it actually needs to be there. You never know what unforeseen delays might pop up.

Road conditions

The weather in Colorado can change in an instant, especially in the winter. The weather can go from sunny to blizzard conditions in a matter of hours, so you’ll need to be prepared for the worst. Obviously if there’s a blizzard going on heavy equipment hauling in Aurora, CO isn’t even a viable option. You’ll have to wait for the roads to get better before you attempt to haul anything. Even on sunny days the roads can be bad. Pot holes and other road issues aren’t that uncommon and can be a major nuisance when trying to haul equipment from point A to point B.

Dimensions and weight of load

All of your loads aren’t going to be equal. Some loads might be bigger than others, this is important when planning on a route. Not all roads can handle huge loads. Check beforehand to make sure it’s legal to transport large loads on certain roads. The last thing you want is a ticket for breaking the law. Also, make sure you’ll have enough clearance while going under bridges. Being just a few inches too tall for a bridge can have major ramifications for your vehicle and everyone else looking to travel down the road.


Any number of factors can warrant changing your route. Check the local news for delays on the highways that can be caused by routine construction or car accidents. Getting stuck in traffic with a few tons of construction equipment on your truck does not sound too fun, and it could delay the arrival of your equipment to the job site. Again, make sure your height and dimensions will be legal on the roads you’re planning on traveling.

Other drivers

There’s no doubt about it, people are crazy, especially people in a hurry on the road. Drivers will cut you off, speed to get around you, and any number of other things to try to get to their destination as fast as possible. Always be leery of these maniacs out on the road.

If you’ve checked these five factors off your to-do list, you and your contractors should be happy campers. Questions? Contact Osage Specialized Transport today for more information.