Four Questions to Ask Your Freight Management Company

Unless you are in the business of planning and providing transportation for heavy equipment and machinery or goods, you may not be all too familiar with the term “freight management.” A company that provides freight management to its customers may take the lead on cargo logistics. It involves everything from controlling cost and inventory storage to maintaining accurate records from the freight’s arrival to its shipment. If you need to move a cargo load, then you may decide to take advantage of services from a professional freight management company.

But how do you know if a certain company is right for your business’ needs? This can depend largely on your transportation needs, such as whether your shipment is oversized equipment or containers of goods, but there are other factors you’ll need to keep in mind as well. Here are a few important questions to ask when looking for the right company for freight management in Aurora, CO.

What can happen if you opt not to use a freight management company?

Because shipping cargo entails overseeing many different aspects of the process, many businesses fare better with professional assistance with freight management in Aurora, CO. Without this kind of help, your business may have a lesser chance of shipping success, not to mention you could run into problems managing logistics costs. Good reasons to partner up with a freight broker include avoiding damaged cargo, finding order errors and preventing slow shipping. Don’t let any part of your operation get overlooked—consider hiring a professional!

Does the freight partner have good relationships with some shipment providers?

The cost to move any size freight can change depending on the time of year, or if a promotional period is near. Rates often increase during peak sales times like holidays, or certain months that are best for completing various construction jobs, since equipment and hardware might need to be shipped. But if your freight partner has solid relationships with a few shipping providers, then you could get your cargo on a truck at a lower cost.

Can the freight management company accommodate international shipping requests?

If your business has dealings in other countries, make sure your chosen freight management partner has the ability to ship internationally. This is mostly because international shipping typically requires extra charges, like taxes, country fees and paperwork—all of which are rolled up into the final shipping cost. You might also want to consider a trucking freight provider that has a good track record of transporting specialized loads at safe yet appealing speeds.

Does the shipping company provide real-time tracking?

A part of transportation logistics could include access to real-time tracking information, which starts the moment your haul leaves the warehouse or storage area and continues all the way to its final destination. For a business that would prefer to monitor their products’ movements, the right freight management company may just be one that offers constant tracking in real time.

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