How Can Drivers for Transportation Services Fight Tickets?

It’s safe to say that every driver is afraid of getting a ticket while they’re out on the road. Tickets are expensive up front, and they can also really hurt your driving record. Any type of infraction can increase your insurance rates, and can even lead to a loss of your license if you accumulate enough of them. Folks who work for heavy equipment transport companies need to be especially wary of getting a ticket. Having too many infractions can result in being fired. Luckily, there are many times when tickets can be fought and expunged if a driver takes the correct course of action. Here are a few of the ways you can fight a ticket if you happen to get one:

  • Don’t break the law: We might as well start with the easiest way to avoid getting a ticket: don’t break the law in the first place! The two fastest ways for commercial truck drivers to get pulled over in Colorado are by driving over the speed limit and not obeying chain laws during the winter. Police officers are going to stop speeding trucks and trucks without chains more often than not. If an accident was to occur, and a CDL driver didn’t have chains on the truck, he or she could be looking at immediate license revocation, job loss and, of course, a hefty fine. While that’s the absolute worst-case scenario, there can be ways to fight other tickets.
  • Know all the rules of the road: You obviously can’t follow the rules if you don’t know them. Driving regulations change from time to time; keep up to date on all of the current rules for drivers for a hauling transport service in Aurora, CO.
  • Don’t be afraid to challenge a potential ticket on-site: Since you’re an expert on all of the CDL driving rules, you might be able to challenge an officer as soon as you’ve been pulled over. There are documented instances of professional truck drivers being correct when faced with a ticket. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking a fine line when you challenge a police officer right after he’s pulled you over. Make sure you know exactly what you were doing and have a reason for why you were doing it. For example, if you bypass a weigh station, you’d better have an airtight reason for why you couldn’t go in to be weighed.
  • Keep a lawyer on retainer: The best way to fight a ticket is to have a lawyer by your side. A lawyer knows things about the law that you probably don’t; he or she will also know all of the best ways to fight that ticket. Having a lawyer on retainer may sound expensive, but compared to the cost of a ticket, it’s could be much worse. There are experts across the country who charge as little as $100 each month to defend you in any sticky situation.

While the threat of receiving a ticket is always looming, we want all CDL drivers for specialized transportation tracking services in Aurora, CO to know that there are ways to fight them. For more information, contact the experts at Osage Specialized Transport.