How Truck Drivers Can Eat Healthy on the Road: Tips from Experienced Transportation Companies

Between home, the office and your social life, living a healthy lifestyle can seem like a hard task. Now, imagine you’re a truck driver traveling long hours on the road—eating healthy in this situation can prove extremely difficult. But truckers can indeed prevail over poor food choices by developing healthy eating habits that are realistic and easy to carry out. Here are five healthy eating tips from transportation companies in Aurora, CO:

  • Choose on-the-go food wisely: As a truck driver, you encounter many restaurants, fast food drive-thrus, gas station convenience stores and grocery stores on your route. No matter where you stop for food, make it a point to read nutrition labels or ask fast food restaurants for a printout of their nutritional facts, and stock up on a couple days worth of healthy snack foods to keep in your cab for easy access.
  • Drink plenty of water: The times when you stop for gas or a quick break are excellent opportunities to grab a big bottle of water and walk around for a bit of exercise. Staying hydrated is important for health—both mental and physical—as water keeps you focused while helping to stave off hunger between meals. And since fresh fruits and vegetables are mostly water, keep these foods and plenty of water on hand to have when you’re behind the wheel.
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast: One of the best ways to keep eating healthy throughout the day is to start off the morning with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. On the go? No problem! Breakfast wraps are the perfect way to get many wholesome ingredients into a whole wheat tortilla for a utensil-free meal. The night before, consider making a couple wraps, boil and peel a few eggs, cube some cheese and slice up your favorite fruits and veggies. This way, you’ve got breakfast for a couple days ready to go!
  • Keep a cooler and slow cooker: Speaking of pre-making homemade meals, keep a cooler or a plug-in mini fridge in your cab. Food will stay fresh and there will no excuse to not eat healthy on the road. And if you like to cook, but are always on the road, get yourself a small slow cooker. Add all your meal ingredients to the crock pot in the morning for a hot and healthy dinner by evening time. Check that your cab has the proper, approved outlets for this type of device.
  • Have small snacks on hand: There are many health benefits to snacking. Little snacks between meals keep you away from stuffing yourself at mealtimes and eating more calories than you should, and also helps you maintain your energy levels for proper mental function. But your chosen snacks must be healthy—unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, cheese sticks, plain hard boiled eggs, whole grain peanut butter wraps—because the goal of having a stash of snacks on hand is to stay away from grabbing not-so-healthy snacks when hunger sets in.

Do transportation companies in Aurora, CO support healthy eating habits for their truck drivers? At Osage Specialized Transport, the answer is YES! Get in touch with us to learn more.