Is Heavy Haul the Right Job for You?

While a career in specialized hauling services can certainly be rewarding, it might not be for everyone. If you naturally possess certain qualities, though, you might find that making the transition to being a full-time truck driver suits you very well. There are two characteristics you will likely need to have:

  • Patience: This is probably one of the most important assets any truck driver can possess. In addition to spending long hours on the road, you will also spend a lot of time sitting around waiting during inspections and while your truck is being loaded and unloaded at docks. If you are normally impatient or need constant stimulation, you will probably get frustrated during these periods of time, and truck driving might not be the best match for you.
  • Safety oriented: Oftentimes, because truck drivers are not driving at the same speeds as the rest of the vehicles around them, cars will do things such as speed past the truck and cut them off, leaving very little distance in between in order to go around another car. Because of these types of behaviors, you will have to not only be very cautious about your own driving, but you will also have to pay close attention to the movements of all of the drivers around you. You will also be responsible for the safe and timely delivery of cargo, and having an inclination towards safety can help you at every turn along the way.

If you possess these qualities but are still undecided about making oversized trucking into your career, here are a couple things you can try to get a feel of what the job would be like, and then decide from there if you want to take classes to pursue your license:

  • Take a long road trip by yourself: Getting out on the road by yourself is probably the best way to get a real idea of what truck driving would be like. Although you probably won’t have the luxury of being able to take this trip in a semi with a trailer, you can still get a good idea of the physical demands that a 10-hours-plus workday might put on your body.
  • Talk to experienced truck drivers: Another great way to determine if long haul driving is for you is to visit a truck stop and speak with experienced drivers. The legitimate input of drivers who have put in many hours on the road and know all of the pros and cons of the profession can go a long way toward helping you make your decision.

After reviewing some of these considerations, you might find that a career in freight management systems would indeed be a good fit for you. The team at Osage Specialized Transport has over 40 years of experience in the industry, which provides a great environment for you to learn and grow. Contact us to learn more about what you will need to do to start your own rewarding career right away.