The Dangers of Transporting Oversize Loads

Oversize loads are an increasingly common obstacle that drivers have to deal with. Industrial machinery, prefabricated homes and other oversize items like steel shipping containers have to be transported. Oversize hauling in Denver, CO is prone to causing accidents and often makes other drivers feel anxious, with good reason. Read on to learn more about oversize loads and what to do when you’re driving near one.

Accidents with oversize hauling

Oversize hauling in Denver, CO is prone to a few typical types of accidents that plague heavy trucks and oversize loads. One such type of accident happens because of deflated tires. The loads on these hauls are extremely heavy, or even too wide, which causes excess pressure on the tires of the truck. With heavy loads, the direct pressure may be too much for the tires to withstand, and with wide loads, the distribution of the pressure may be causing issues. In some cases, the tires can explode from the weight, creating an even more dangerous blowout, which happens so quickly that it can be hard for the driver of these loads to respond fast enough. Blown tires often lead to a loss of control of the vehicle, resulting in accidents that can impact not only the driver of the oversize load but nearby drivers as well.

Another type of accident that happens with oversize hauling in Denver, CO is rollovers. Rollovers can be especially scary, as a rollover accident is dangerous and impossible to control once it has begun. Rollovers often happen when a heavy hauling truck takes a sharp turn. If the driver takes the turn too sharply or too quickly for the weight and size of the load, a rollover could occur, endangering the life of the driver as well as others nearby. It can also occur from a failure of the freight broker to adhere to weight rules, and it’s important for companies to pay strict attention to the rules and regulation regarding oversize hauling in Denver, CO.

Safe operation of oversize hauls

If you’re a driver and see an oversize load nearby, slow down when you spot pilot vehicles with flags or banners that indicate an oversize haul is near. Be patient near these loads, because if drivers are operating safely, they’ll be driving slower than you probably want to go. There is no need to honk or make other unnecessary and impatient maneuvers, which cause risk to everyone on the road. The vehicle may require two lanes, so give it ample space to operate, especially while turning.

If you’re in need of transportation for an oversize haul, make sure you work with a company that follows all the rules and regulations set forth by the industry. With over four decades of combined experience, vast resources, relationships with several different large carriers and versatility, Osage Specialized Transport is the company to trust for your oversize hauling in Denver, CO. We transport throughout the entire continental U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Contact us today and experience what the friendly and trustworthy team at Osage Specialized Transport can do for your company.