The Role We Play in Transporting Natural Gas

Natural gas is a critical component of the world’s operations today. As one of our primary sources of energy, natural gas is used in all sorts of applications, from cooking to heating buildings and generating power for entire nations.

Obtaining natural gas is not easy. It requires a complex system of identification, extraction, and transport using specialized machinery and transport systems called pipelines. Across the country and around the world, natural gas companies rely on freight companies like Osage Specialized Transport to ensure effective natural gas transport in Denver, CO.

Transportation of site equipment

Natural gas is located far below the earth’s surface, compressed in pockets of dirt. To access it, natural gas companies need large, complex pieces of equipment, including drills, cranes, backhoes and much more.

Moving this equipment across the nation to be used at job sites is not easy, though. The average truck is unable to carry these large, very heavy pieces of equipment at all, let alone across the country.

For this reason, these gas companies turn to the expertise of logistics companies that specialize in oversized trucking. By providing a variety of transportation equipment capable of handling oversized machinery, these companies help gas companies operate efficiently.

Transportation of oversized materials

Once natural gas has been extracted from the earth, it is processed and stored. From there, it must be transported from the storage locations all across the country for use in its many applications. This requires a complex form of natural gas transport in Denver, CO.

Pipelines are typically used for natural gas transportation. A network of pipes is buried underground and gas is pumped through it to deliver it to distribution areas.

The pipes used for these types of pipelines can be quite large and need to be transported in bulk, which often makes the loads too big for traditional freight vehicles to carry. Pipeline installation also requires heavy machinery.

Once again, natural gas companies usually need to rely on the varied fleet vehicles and oversized shipping expertise of companies like Osage Specialized Transport to get all the pipes, equipment and materials they need.

Turn to us for your natural gas transport needs

Drilling and transporting natural gas is a very important business for our world as a whole. You want your operations to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. This is why, when you need transportation of heavy drilling machinery or pipes, you should turn to the experts at Osage Specialized Transport. Our heavy haul transportation and logistics company is backed by over 40 years of experience and a selection of some of the largest shipping partners in the nation.

We can provide a variety of equipment to meet a wide range of specialized transport needs, particularly heavy equipment and machinery and oversized loads. And, since natural gas transport is a widespread operation, we’ve ensured our partners can transport your freight or equipment nationwide and beyond, into Canada or Mexico.

We know natural gas transport in Denver, CO, so call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.