The Secrets to Heavy Equipment Moving

Shipping oversized or heavy equipment can be intimidating if you don’t have the knowledge or ability to handle it on your own. Maybe it’s the tractor that needs to be hauled to an out-of-the-area facility for repair, or crane that cannot travel at freeway speeds on its own without becoming a road hazard. A skilled mover will not only know the rules around transporting heavy equipment in your particular state, but will also be able to tell you the best and safest route to get from point A to point B.

Luckily, there are companies that specialize in all aspects of the logistics and transport management involved in shipping large and unusually shaped equipment. If you’ll soon need to move oversized equipment or machinery, it’s a good bet that you want the shipping process to go as smoothly as possible. Now, let’s take a look at some of the secrets to heavy equipment moving in Aurora, CO.

Use the right transport truck

With the right rig, almost anything can be moved. Don’t believe us? Consider this: Every day in America, trucks are used to move everything from fleets of vehicles to full-sized homes. Sure, sometimes things need to be disassembled before being moved, but it can all be done. Your mover should know the right rig to get your load moved safely. An inexperienced mover may take unnecessary risks by using a trailer or flatbed that is too small for the load. When it is your equipment on the line, be sure your mover is completely competent.

Know oversize load requirements

Much like the speed limits that differ from state to state, the load limitations among states varies as well. It’s important that you or the heavy mover you hire is aware of these restrictions. Even if the equipment you are shipping is small enough to fit on a truck, the weight could be the deciding factor in whether it needs to be disassembled or not. Oversized loads will need escorts and a route that can accommodate the load. This means whatever you are shipping will need to fit over and under bridges and overpasses and be able to negotiate difficult turns.

Check with the transport service about special requirements

You’d be surprised how much planning goes into moving heavy equipment. Can the trailer make it over and under bridges? Will it clear overpasses and tight turns? Even with escort vehicles, certain stretches of road may be too difficult to negotiate for a large truck and its haul. Depending on the moving service you choose, your load literally may be stuck in transit as a result of poor planning. Be sure whatever you are moving is insured completely, no matter who ships it.

Long distance specialized hauling can be a difficult task, even for smaller cargo, so you can imagine the planning it takes to haul a huge construction crane or industrial drill across hundreds of miles. For help with all phases of transportation for heavy equipment moving in Aurora, CO, look no further than the skilled and knowledgeable team at Osage Specialized Transport. Contact us today!