What is the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car

Moving a car comes up every now and then, usually with a relocation due to a career, family event or issue, or retirement among other reasons. In many cases people typically try to move cars themselves by driving them directly from one location to the next. However, when more than one vehicle is involved, then things get a bit tricky and a moving service ends up being required. That can be affordable or expensive, depending on which resource a person uses.

Who Typically Needs Vehicles Transported Across Country?

As we mentioned above, the folks needed a car moved can vary tremendously. Even businesses occasionally need vehicles relocated for operations. Different services are available, but unless someone has more folks to count on, driving or towing the vehicle directly is not usually an option. So, when it comes to hiring out a service, folks are usually going to find that their choices include private driver parties, a specific car transport company, a general moving company that puts the car on a trailer to their truck, or shipping cargo companies if the car has to be moved overseas.

How Much Does Car Transportation Cost?

Vehicle transport is charged out both by miles traveled as well as destination and any special conditions needed. For example, if a courier is driving the car, the miles will be wear and tear, but you will need to pay for fuel as well as potentially a special insurance rider on your policy for coverage of the car in case the driver gets into an accident in another state. When hiring a transport or moving company, a flat rate plus a charge per mile of distance will be calculated for your cost. In the continental U.S. consumers can expect the transport of a single vehicle to cost anywhere between $700 to $1,500, depending variable and location. In most cases the time it takes to will be longer than if the person drove directly, but the vehicle will arrive intact and with no wear and tear if on a carrier or vehicle transport truck. Costs tend to be the most expensive for your short distances around 500 miles. The cost goes down as the trip distance increases with costs being half as much when over 2,000 miles. Initial estimates tend to be calculated by zip code and then by specific addresses.

The size of a vehicle will also come into play a bit for costs. Obviously, small compacts are going to cost less than a full-size, 4×4 F350 pickup truck. Weight becomes a big factor as it eats up more fuel in the transport vehicle, and companies need to recover their expenses.


Considerations for Car Transportation

Car transport companies and services are going to be very keen on limiting their responsibility for the condition of the vehicle to avoid costs of too many repairs or damages. As a result, you can full expect that you will need to sign off on a condition report when the vehicle is take over for transport that details out every identified existing damage or condition, waiving the company and protecting them for responsibility costs later on.

You should also discuss with your insurance company and protections needed for your vehicle when it is being driven or transported by a third party, as mentioned earlier.

Not every company can deal with every kind of vehicle that needs transporting. Some are limited to sedans and standard pickup trucks. Some have no ability to deal with odd vehicles like motorbikes and scooters. Some will only deal with sedans and nothing bigger. You will need to take this into consideration when choosing a service and what they can provide you.

Various fees will apply on top of the transport charges based on mileage. That can include fees for permits, fuel, season rates, additional security or care issues needed and similar. If there is an extended delay, transport service may offer storage, but that comes with an added cost for unloading and parking in their facilities for the duration. Do not forget, some states allow transport companies to charge sales tax as well, even though they are providing a service not a product. So that is an added cost as well that can tack onto the original estimate or quote. You want to make sure you have asked about all fees applicable before committing.

How Osage Can Help

We provide a wide range of hauling and transport services at Osage Specialized Transport backed by four decades of experience. We can move your vehicle cost-effectively, safely and without wear and tear. We can handle all kinds of vehicles, even extremely heavy ones with a variety of methods specifically designed for their size and bulk. And we have advantages other movers do not because Osage regularly moves vehicle equipment for industries year-round. Give us a call to find out more and how we can get your vehicle to your new destination.