What Should You Consider When Hiring a Company for Heavy Equipment Hauling

Your business probably does its due diligence when hiring a vendor to perform a service by learning more about multiple vendors, the services they offer and the quality they provide. If you require heavy equipment hauling in Aurora, CO, the process for hiring a company that’s the right fit for your business should be no different.

Here are some factors to consider when learning more about a heavy haul company:

  • Is the staff experienced? Make sure you’re working with a company with a proven track record. The staff should have experience working with shipments similar to yours and should be able to provide specific details about how they will handle your particular needs.
  • What coverage and customization solutions does the company offer? Be sure to communicate openly with the company you’re considering for heavy hauling services about your coverage needs and what it can provide. You should also expect the company to share details about any options that might exist to customize your transaction, ensuring the most reliable and professional experience possible.
  • Is the price fair? While hauling heavy equipment and other supplies tends to be more expensive than transporting smaller loads, you want a company that has set its pricing fairly. This helps to indicate that a company is reliable, trustworthy and focused on providing value to the customer. Another pricing tip: you may find that hiring a local heavy haul company will be more affordable than hiring a non-local company.
  • Is insurance available for your transaction? We don’t like to think about it, but occasionally, unexpected situations can occur. When they do, they can be resolved much more smoothly if the heavy haul company you’re looking to work with offers insurance. Be sure to ask about this before the shipment process begins.
  • Does the company offer the ability to monitor the status of your shipment? While many freight management systems offer automated online updates, don’t forget to ask if the company you’re interested in working with makes this service available. It’s essential that your shipment travels from point A to point B smoothly and quickly, and online tracking will allow you to stay informed throughout the shipment process, bringing you peace of mind that the transaction has been performed successfully.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to take a more detailed look into various companies offering heavy equipment hauling in Aurora, CO. Osage Specialized Transport is a locally owned and operated small business with years of experience and connections with many large carriers, allowing us to offer our customers a wide range of flexible options.

We handle all phases of transportation for heavy equipment and machinery used in such industries as construction and mining, as well as for all oversized and over-dimension specialized loads. We transport throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico and make use of proprietary transportation management solutions. This means that we have easy access to our carriers’ progress and can provide you with accurate, up-to-the-minute details regarding your shipment’s status.

To learn more, schedule service or request a quote, contact us today. We offer live phone support that is available 24 hours per day!