What to Look for in Heavy Haul Trucking

You wouldn’t trust just anyone to invest your hard-earned money. You would want an investment advisor with lots of experience and a proven track record of returning on investment. You would want an investor who knew the business back and front and understood all the legalities of investing properly. In short, you would want a trusted expert in the field.

The same principle applies to choosing the right company for heavy haul equipment transport in Denver, CO. As with any business decision, you need to make sure the transport company has the necessary qualities and resources to get the job done right. But what are those qualities and resources? Read on for a checklist to consider when evaluating different transport companies:

  • An understanding of logistics: Properly transporting heavy or oversized hauls requires a special knowledge of state regulations and a network of good people across the United States. You need to be sure the transport company has a solid staff of detail-oriented experts who understand how to orchestrate a trip that involves many different moving parts.
  • A solid safety record: Though it’s impossible to prevent every single accident, in general a company with a good safety record indicates that they know what they’re doing in terms of planning, and that they make hiring excellent and safe drivers a priority. Another tip is to look at the company’s insurance coverage. If it’s not enough to insure your load, then you could end up with steep losses if an accident happens. Make sure to cover your bases by checking in on their safety record and their coverage.
  • A willingness to explain: It’s always fishy when a person or company avoids your questions or is not willing to explain how a process works. If you notice this behavior when consulting with one of the company’s representatives, you should consider this a sign that they’re not going to be the best company for your job.
  • Excellent customer service: Good companies have good people—it’s that simple. You might be worried more about the equipment, but if a company treats its customers well, it often demonstrates that they will treat your items well, too. Again, if you have that sinking feeling that the company representative is not treating you right while you’re consulting, move on to the next option.

Finding the right heavy haul equipment transport company in Denver, CO will take some digging. You’ll need to ask good questions, read up on company reviews or testimonials and compare services. One trusted company that is always committed to its customers is Osage Specialized Transport. Our experts would be thrilled to show you why we should be your go-to heavy haul transport company. With 40-plus years of experience in the field, we have the knowhow to make sure that whatever you need to transport reaches its destination with no hassle.

Osage Specialized Transport works with a huge network of large carriers to offer all phases of transportation for special loads. Call today to learn more about what we offer!