What are the Common Uses for Flatbed Trucks?

November 30, 2018

Flatbed trucks are vital pieces of equipment in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction and transportation. They are frequently used for carrying oversized or oddly shaped loads, but have a wide variety of uses that make them highly versatile and valuable.

What are Flatbed Trucks Used for?

Here are some examples of the most common uses for flatbed trucks in heavy equipment transport in Colorado:

  • Transporting building materials: Flatbed trucks are frequently used for transporting building materials such as lumber, concrete, steel beams, scaffolding, bricks and more. Flatbed truck transport is highly practical for transporting these materials because they can be easily loaded and unloaded by crane from any direction, or even by hand if the materials are capable of being lifted. When using trusses, some materials can hang over the edge of the flatbed, allowing for easier transportation of oddly shaped building materials that might not fit into box trailers.
  • Hauling equipment: Chances are, if you spend some time out on a rural highway, at some point you’ll see a flatbed truck hauling farm equipment. They’re also frequently used for hauling tractors, military equipment, construction equipment and other heavy machinery. Flatbed hauling is a much safer alternative to driving the equipment on the road all the way to and from a job site. Flatbeds can even be used to haul standard passenger vehicles used at job sites.
  • Baled tires: The United States sees millions of tires stockpiled every single year. This results in a significant amount of waste, as well as a big potential for fire hazards and a possible area for vermin and insects to breed and proliferate. Therefore, tire bales are used to help eliminate the waste of tires and find new uses for tires that can no longer be used on vehicles. These tire bales are compressed tires that get banded together with wire and are taken to be repurposed for other uses, such as construction, road fill, terraces, erosion control, retaining walls and more. Flatbed trucks are an ideal means of transporting baled tires, because of their size and weight—a single bale usually consists of about 100 tires, and can weigh more than a ton.
  • Transporting scraps away from job sites: Construction companies, builders and other sources often hire services to come and remove scrap metal, wood, concrete and other building materials from a job site. The haulers can then take these materials to recycling facilities, where those materials can be sold and repurposed, or even directly purchased by other builders or companies. Flatbed trucks are much easier to load and unload than other types of trucks, which makes them ideal for hauling these scrap materials away from job sites.
  • Other hauling needs: Just about anything you need to be hauled can be transported on a flatbed truck.

For more information about the benefits of using a flatbed truck for hauling and the situations in which you’re most likely to see these vehicles being used, we encourage you to contact us, Osage Specialized Transport, your trusted source for construction equipment transport in Colorado, today.

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