7 Common Uses for Flatbed Trucks

You might not realize it, but flatbed trucks are vital to a wide range of businesses and industries. From manufacturing all the way to construction, several industries take advantage of flatbed trucks on a monthly or even weekly basis. Here are some of the most common uses for flatbed trucks when it comes to heavy equipment transport and other hauling purposes.

1. Transporting Building Materials

In the construction industry, flatbed trucks are commonly used as a way to transport building materials, from lumber and bricks to scaffolding and steel beams. One of the big benefits to using flatbed trucks to transport these materials is the fact that they can easily be loaded and unloaded, whether by crane or by hand. Some materials can even hang over the edge of a flatbed truck, allowing construction companies to transport oddly shaped building materials as well.

2. Hauling Equipment

When a job site requires equipment, getting that equipment there safely and efficiently is important. If you’ve ever been out on a rural highway, you may have seen a flatbed truck hauling some sort of equipment, whether it’s a tractor, backhoe, or something else. Safe equipment hauling is one of the biggest benefits to using a flatbed trailer to haul equipment.

3. Baled Tires

Every year in the United States, millions of tires are stockpiled. This might not seem like a big deal, but these tire stockpiles lead to fire hazards, as well as creating a perfect spot for vermin to make a home. To prevent this, these tires are compressed into bales and hauled away for some other purpose. And of course, flatbed trucks are the ideal choice when it comes to hauling baled tires from one spot to another.

4. Transporting Scrap

No matter what kind of job site you’re working on, chances are there’s a good amount of cleanup required. One of the most important parts of cleaning up a job site is finding something to do with all the scrap, especially if you’re talking about the construction business. Flatbed trucks are also used for hauling scrap away from job sites, taking it somewhere that it can be recycled and giving construction crews more space to work.

5. Other Hauling Needs

The thing that makes flatbed trucks so special is the fact that they’re incredibly easy to load. No matter what you need to transport, there’s a good chance you can get the job done with a flatbed truck. Since flatbed trucks also allow for a little overhang when loaded properly, you can even move awkwardly shaped building materials, equipment and scrap on a flatbed truck. Really, you can move just about anything with a good flatbed.

6. Landscaping

When a homeowner calls a landscaper, they expect that landscaper to take care of any problems they may have around their home. What a lot of homeowners don’t consider is the fact that landscaping companies have to find a way to transport brush, trees and other scraps from your home. Flatbed trucks are commonly used by landscapers to transport larger trees, landscaping tools and bulk bags of landscaping materials.

7. Farms

The farm industry is one of the most important in the world, so flatbed trucks play a crucial role by supporting this industry. Flatbed trucks make it possible to move equipment and supplies long distances down rural highways, which would otherwise be a very dangerous task. This means farms have a way to get all the equipment and supplies they need without having to spend a fortune or find creative hauling solutions, which saves everyone money.

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