7 Benefits of Freight Shipping Tracking

Freight shipping tracking can be a great tool for supply chain management, giving you the ability to keep track of shipments in real time and optimize freight shipping logistics. If you want to learn more about the benefits of freight shipping tracking and how it can give your business a boost, keep reading with Osage Specialized Transport.

  1. Fuel Savings

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses when it comes to freight shipping, so you can’t afford to take routes that are less fuel efficient. Freight shipping tracking allows you to save money on fuel with more efficient routes, which means you don’t have to spend as much money filling up your fleet. Depending on the size of your fleet, this can lead to massive savings in fuel costs.

  1. Optimal Routing

When you’re trying to get freight to its destination on time, you want to take the best route available. The problem is that there are a lot of small factors that come into play when you’re choosing the optimal shipping route. With freight shipping tracking, drivers can get real-time updates on their routes so they can always stay on the most efficient path. Not only does this help you save a lot of money when it comes to fuel, but it also means your freight arrives at its destination on time.

  1. Insurance Costs

Insurance is another expense that can eat into your profits, but you can actually save money on your insurance policy by integrating a freight shipping tracking system. Many insurance companies are happy to offer discounts if you’ve got a tracking system in place because it reduces the risk they have to assume. Everything gets where it needs to go thanks to your tracking system, and you can get a discount on your insurance as a result.

  1. Security

The last thing you want is to lose something during the freight shipping process. Whether somebody forgets to load freight on a truck or there’s an issue that leads to lost freight, a tracking system means you can keep a better eye on your freight. You know where your freight is at all the time, and you can take action right away if there’s a problem with the delivery of freight. Securing your freight better also means you save money because you’re able to complete all your deliveries.

  1. Save on Warehouse Costs

Shipping freight from one location to another is one thing but finding a place to store all that freight before you ship it can be a major obstacle. Freight shipping companies spend a lot of money on warehouses where they can keep stock, and warehouse costs are even higher if you’re not operating your warehouse the right way.

With freight shipping tracking, you can get an update when your package is about to arrive at the warehouse, so everyone can be prepared to unload the truck and get the freight stored properly. Running your warehouse more efficiently means you save money, plus you can find out about delays and other obstacles early on so you can better prepare for them.

  1. More Detailed Tracking

When you’re shipping a package through a traditional mail carrier, you have to rely on that carrier to provide all the updates about your package. Freight shipping tracking provides a more detailed overview of the current status of your freight, which means you don’t have to rely on other carriers to submit a report when a package has arrived at its destination. This also means you get more detailed tracking reports, including updates when your package has reached the facility. Freight shipping tracking makes it much easier to know exactly what’s going on with your cargo at all times.

  1. Customer Service

Better tracking means you can provide better customer service, which is a huge plus for any freight shipping company. When customers want an update on the status of their package or want to check if there are any delays, you can quickly and easily provide them with that information.

Get a Helping Hand with Freight Shipping Tracking

A more efficient business is better for everyone, and freight shipping tracking is one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your shipping operation. If you want to learn more about freight shipping tracking and how it can help your business, contact us at Osage Specialized Transport today.