5 Things You Need to Know About Wide Load Permit

Hauling things from place to place can be a tall order, especially if you’re hauling an oversize load that requires special permits. If you’re hauling a wide load that may require permits, here’s what you need to know about wide load permits and wide load hauling.

  1. What is a wide load?

The exact parameters of a wide load vary based on the state you’re in. In the state of Colorado, any load that exceeds 8.5 feet wide is considered a wide load and requires a permit to haul. If you get a permit, you can haul loads that are as tall as 14.5 feet and as wide as 12 feet. Loads that are wider than 12 feet may require a pilot or escort vehicle.

  1. Scheduling your haul

Just because you’ve got a permit doesn’t mean you can hop on the interstate and start hauling an oversized load. In most states, there are strict rules about when state highways and interstates are open to oversized loads. Generally speaking, you’re allowed to haul wide loads between sunrise and sunset. In the state of Colorado, you’re allowed to haul wide loads at night as long as you’ve got proper lighting. Make sure you ask any questions you may have when you’re applying for a permit.

  1. Staying safe

Hauling a wide load can be a dangerous endeavor if you’re not careful. Once you have your permit, you should make sure you’ve got all the safety gear you need. Most states require that you place a “wide load” or “oversized load” sign on the back of your truck when you’re hauling an oversized load. If you’re hauling at night, you also need to make sure you have proper lighting to avoid accidents and make yourself more visible on the road. You can check with the Colorado Department of Transportation to learn more about what you need to do when you’re hauling an oversized load.

  1. Cost

Applying for a permit to haul a wide load isn’t especially expensive, but it does cost a bit. Make sure you’ve got the money to pay for your permit when you apply for it, that way you can streamline the whole process and save time. Generally speaking, wide load permits can range from about $15 to $70, with some being even more expensive than that. The cost of an oversized load permit depends on the size and weight of the load you’re hauling. Larger, heavier loads are going to cost you more to haul.

  1. Escort vehicles

Depending on the size of the load you’re hauling, you might need pilot or escort vehicles. Escort vehicles are vehicles that drive near a wide load to create a buffer and warn other drivers that there’s an oversized load on the road. You may need pilot or escort vehicles if you’re hauling a load that’s wider than 12 feet or taller than 14.5 feet. Before you secure an oversized load permit and plan your next big haul, make sure you talk to the Department of Transportation about your responsibilities. Following the rules is essential when it comes to hauling an oversized load in the state of Colorado.

Osage Specialized Transport Makes It Easy

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