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Avoiding Penalties and Delays with Indiana Oversize Permits

July 7, 2023

Indiana laws clearly define rules and regulations related to the dimensions allowed for trucks transporting goods. It’s critical to be aware of the requirements for oversize permits to avoid delays and penalties that can hurt your bottom line and make it harder for you to reliably run your business. Keeping up with the different state regulations can be challenging, but here, you’ll get a concise rundown of what to expect when transporting in Indiana. Why Are Oversize Permits Required? The Indiana Department of Transportation strives to keep the roads safe for everyone, which means they must regulate the size of... View Article

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California Oversize Permits: Everything You Need to Know

July 7, 2023

California’s oversize permits come with a lot of parameters, and California has some of the strictest regulations related to oversize travel; many of these laws relate to population-dense areas where more traffic and ordinary drivers are using the roads. Thus, more caution must be taken to promote road safety. However, that also means that there are more regulations you must be aware of when applying for a California permit and ensuring you are protecting yourself from negatives like legal action or accidents. Save yourself time, energy, and money by learning the best methods for getting oversize permits. Applying for California’s... View Article

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Obtaining a Wide Load Permit in Florida: A Step-By-Step Guide

April 4, 2023

Hauling anything heavier and/or wider than what the state generally permits will require you to obtain a permit. And in some instances, you may need multiple permits. It can be overwhelming, but we have a step-by-step guide to help you determine what you need and how to apply for the different Florida oversize permits. Determining What Kind of Permits You Need You will need to look at your permit’s width, height, and length to determine if your load is within legal limits. You must obtain a permit through the Florida Department of Transportation’s Permits Office if anything exceeds the standard... View Article

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Wide Load Permit in Texas: What to Expect

January 31, 2023

When it comes time to secure a wide load permit in Texas, there is no shortage of concerns and questions that will arise. That’s why it pays to have access to the experts at Osage Specialized Transport. We can tell you everything you need to know about Texas oversize permits so that you can avoid the typical concerns. Knowing what to expect when you secure a wide load permit in Texas is crucial. To learn more about Texas DOT permits and Texas oversize load regulations, be sure to read on. With our help, obtaining a Texas overweight permit has never been... View Article

Wide Load Permit

5 Things You Need to Know About Wide Load Permit

November 23, 2022

Hauling things from place to place can be a tall order, especially if you’re hauling an oversize load that requires special permits. If you’re hauling a wide load that may require permits, here’s what you need to know about wide load permits and wide load hauling. What is a wide load? The exact parameters of a wide load vary based on the state you’re in. In the state of Colorado, any load that exceeds 8.5 feet wide is considered a wide load and requires a permit to haul. If you get a permit, you can haul loads that are as tall... View Article

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