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Tools Every Trucker Needs

July 11, 2018

Every industry has certain tools of the trade that professionals should always have on hand. Truckers are no exception. There are certain things no trucker should hit the road without first storing them in their rig. They are standards for every trucking company. What are these tools for the trucking trade? You’ll find them listed below: Mini multi-function pliers: Of course, there’s only so much room in the rig. Because of this, it’s important for truckers to carry tools that don’t take up a lot of space and can be used for multi-tasking. A multi-tool with pliers is one of... View Article

What Is a Freight Broker?

May 23, 2018

You’re probably familiar with truck drivers. You likely know what these drivers and their trucking companies in Aurora, CO do day in and day out. You may have heard them referred to as hauling services in Aurora, CO. Their name implies their function: they haul items from point A to point B. But are you familiar with another side of the business? Freight management in Aurora, CO is just as important as the deliveries themselves. It’s this end of the business that connects those who need to make deliveries to those who perform the hauling services in Aurora, CO. The... View Article

Signs: What They Mean for Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

May 9, 2018

How often do you read every sign you pass on the highway? Are you alert and vigilant, or do you coast along, relying on your GPS to tell you what to do next? For truck drivers, signs are critical. Trucking companies in Aurora, CO rely on these important way-finding devices to get their drivers and equipment safely to their destinations. It comes down to this: when you’re in the business of heavy equipment transport in Aurora, CO, signs are not something you can ignore. They can be everything from helpful to life-saving. Truck drivers rely on them for assistance in... View Article

What Trucking Companies Need to Know About Electronic Logging Devices

January 25, 2018

Electronic logging devices are now the law of the land for trucking companies in Aurora, CO. New technology has changed the industry forever. Whether you’re a current driver, a future driver or work for a company that depends on drivers, electronic logging devices are now an important part of your business. Here’s what you need to know. What is an electronic logging device? An electronic logging device (ELD) automatically keeps track of a driver’s records of duty service (RODS). It monitors the engine, noting whether the vehicle is running, moving or stationary. It captures miles driven and engine hours. All... View Article

Holiday Freight and the Race Up to Christmas

December 15, 2017

Starting Thanksgiving Day and running all the way up through December 16 is considered the absolute busiest time of the year for retailers. Holiday deals—both in-store and online—herald the season of presents and gift giving, and people spend more than an estimated $1 trillion on everything from the newest gadgets to clothing and entertainment. And while this all adds up to presents under the tree, there’s also a nightmare of logistics that needs to occur to ensure your gifts arrive with plenty of time to spare. Trucking companies in Aurora, CO are working double- and triple-time throughout the holiday season,... View Article

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