Check Your Smartphone for Truck Stop Parking Availability!

When truckers are hired for freight transportation or other driving duties, they often encounter a common problem: parking. Few things are more frustrating than pulling into a truck stop and discovering there is no space for the rig.

Fortunately, modern technology may make this scenario avoidable. For trucking companies, smartphone usage can save time and prevent frustrations. Truck stops and app developers are working on solutions. Here’s the scoop.

Current Apps

  • Sensors: At some locations, owners are testing sensors that will report parking availability. The high-tech sensors keep the database of parking spaces updated based on whether or not they are filled. Truckers can then check the website or pull up the app to quickly view how many spots are currently open.
  • Radar: Others are deploying ground-based radar sensors to record parking availability. The truck stop will collect signals from all spots and communicate with drivers through an app to let them know how much parking is available.
  • Counting: Still others are combining low-tech with high-tech to report parking availability. The staff at some stops simply count the open spots and report the data. The app is then updated with the number of open spots, which can be accessed by drivers looking for a place to park.
  • Reservations: Some stops offer reservation systems, which allow truckers to save a spot for their rig. This relieves stress, since drivers can rest assured they have a space waiting for them. However, it does not solve all the problems of availability. If plans change or advanced reservations are not possible for some other reason, a trucker may be left with few options and unknown availability as they search for a parking space. Still, using a smartphone to utilize these reservation systems can prove helpful.

Future Potential

  • Multi-stop apps: Technology gurus are also looking into making parking status updates into a universal app that covers all truck stop chains. This would allow drivers to pull up one app and check all stops for open parking. While it may take a while to get all chains on board and integrated, this is a definite possibility for the future.
  • Convenience: With these advances in parking apps, truckers could see a significant shift in future parking strategies. The days of pulling into a stop and discovering no available space could be over. Truckers may even be able to receive real-time alerts when spaces become available. This use of smartphone technology in freight transportation could transform the industry.

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