Tools Every Trucker Needs

Every industry has certain tools of the trade that professionals should always have on hand. Truckers are no exception. There are certain things no trucker should hit the road without first storing them in their rig. They are standards for every trucking company.

What are these tools for the trucking trade? You’ll find them listed below:

  • Mini multi-function pliers: Of course, there’s only so much room in the rig. Because of this, it’s important for truckers to carry tools that don’t take up a lot of space and can be used for multi-tasking. A multi-tool with pliers is one of these essential, small multi-taskers. They can fit a variety of nuts and can fit in tight spaces. They are helpful for cab, accessory and furnishing repairs.
  • Roll-up organizer: With tight spaces in mind, every trucker should pack a toolbox full of tools into a handy roll-up organizer. This makes it possible to carry a full set of ratchets, a saw, fasteners, pliers, wrenches and other essentials in a compact, easy-to-carry piece.
  • Flat-handled drivers: A set of screwdrivers, formatted in easy-to-handle and carry-size style is perfect to keep in the truck. A trucker would be wise to grab a set of low-profile flattened handle drivers. Sets are available in keychain style, with each driver easily removable from the clip. It’s easy to store and makes it easy to reach small spaces.
  • Pocket knife: A small pocket knife can be helpful in a variety of situations. Truckers should choose something small and lightweight. Stainless steel is a good bet for its durability and strength.
  • Knife replacement: While a pocket knife is good for many tasks, it’s often used for jobs that it shouldn’t be. A multi-purpose tool is good to have on hand for those jobs that make a knife unsafe. The tool should include a pry bar, scraper, puncture point, bottle opener and emergency glass breaker.
  • First aid kit: Of course, using tools for repairs involves risk. A first aid kit should always accompany the other tools in the rig. These are available in very small cases, to easily fit in the cab. Truckers should make sure it includes all of the standard items, such as bandages, tape and disinfectant cream.
  • Flashlight: A reliable flashlight (and extra batteries) is important to keep on hand. Truckers often need to inspect their vehicles at night, and this tool makes the task possible. While many cell phones now offer small flashlight apps, it’s good to keep a high-powered flashlight on hand in case the phone is unavailable, needs to be charged or can’t supply sufficient light.

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