Colorado’s Chain Laws Are Now in Effect

With fall officially here and winter fast approaching, there are a lot of important regulations that are becoming more and more pertinent as road conditions become more hazardous. In Colorado, we expect a healthy amount of snow every year, and while this is great for skiing and playing in, it makes for some treacherous driving conditions. Snow and ice can greatly inhibit traction on the road, and sometimes they make it impossible for drivers to maintain control of their vehicle while driving.

Because of conditions like these, accidents and collisions are all too common during the winter months, and they can be deadly. This is a serious problem, and that’s why Colorado, along with many other states, has set certain regulations dictating chain use that individual motorists and specialists in logistics in Aurora, CO alike must abide by.

Traction law

When the weather becomes snowy or icy, the Colorado Department of Transportation might determine that it is necessary to implement the traction law, also known as Code 15. As long as the traction law is in effect, all drivers on the road are required to drive with extra. It is required that vehicles that are not four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive be equipped with snow tires (tires with a snow and mud designation) for the duration of the Code 15 period. Chains could also be used to satisfy the requirements of the traction law if your tires are not sufficient.

Passenger vehicle chain law

If weather conditions become especially dangerous, as in the case of severe weather storms, CDOT may issue what is referred to as Code 16, or the passenger vehicle chain law. This is a safety measure that is put into effect as a requirement that’s just short of a complete highway or road closure. During the period when the passenger vehicle chain law is in effect, every vehicle is required to have chains or a comparable traction device to maintain safety on the road. During Code 16 periods, snow tires and four-wheel drive are not sufficient to be within the requirement of the law, so it’s important that you are prepared with chains this winter when you are out on the road in snowy or icy conditions.

At Osage Specialized Transport, we understand how dangerous the roads can become when winter weather conditions come into play. That’s why we are dedicated to safety in everything that we do. As a logistics company in Aurora, CO with decades of experience in the industry, we make it a point to stay informed when it comes to the rules of the road, and we are committed to following all applicable regulations thoroughly.

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