How to Prepare Your Oversize Load for Shipping

When it comes time to ship an oversize load, there are a multitude of questions that must be answered. That’s why it is important to speak with experienced providers of oversize load trucks, like Osage Specialized Transport. Their experienced team members are always more than happy to assist you in these instances.

This helpful guide is also here to guide you. Before embarking on this process, please be sure to read on and learn more!

What Are Oversize Loads and How Do They Ship?

These loads must be shipped with the usage of specialized trailers that are designed to handle the weight. When the weight and dimensions are beyond the legal limit, permits and special equipment are required. These loads are also non-divisible, which means that they cannot be broken down into smaller pieces.

In some instances, they are referred to as “super loads,” but the terms can be used in an interchangeable manner. Shipments fall into this category if they are longer than the bed of the vehicle or wider than 8.5 feet. All of the necessary permits for the shipper’s province or state must be obtained before shipping can take place.

What Are the Most Crucial Considerations to Make for These Loads?

The legal limitations are the primary consideration in these instances. They are well documented and remain consistent throughout the country, so there are no excuses that can be made. In addition to the 8.5-foot width limit, the height limit is 102 inches. The legal length will fall somewhere between 48 to 53 feet and the maximum weight is capped at 46,000 pounds.

Some may be wondering how they can find out whether their load qualifies or not. The restrictions for weight are applied on a per axle basis. While a shipment may not surpass the aforementioned weight limit on its own, the per axle limits have to be considered. Load adjustments can often allow freight truckers to surpass such limitations.

If the load is able to be broken down in weight or size, the trucker may not be able to obtain a permit, so be sure to bear this in mind. Drivers are also the ones who are responsible for the obtainment of the permits.

Travel escorts are another primary consideration that has to be made. If the shipment is over 12 feet wide, the vast majority of states will require a pilot vehicle to come along for the ride. There is variable per mile rates and the shipper is expected to shoulder all of the incidental costs (which are also known as accessorials).

This includes hotels and any other costs that may arise during the trip. The costs are included in the overall freight total. There are all sorts of special circumstances that the driver will need to be warned about, including accidents, traffic jams, low wires, low bridges, and construction zones. If there are any hazards that will get in the way of careful driving, the travel escort vehicle assists.

They also play a major role in alerting the general public to the presence of an oversize load. Scheduling is another factor that must be discussed ahead of time. Many states have strict laws about the presence of escort vehicles, as vehicles that need them to travel can only be on the road from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

Weekends are not included, and, in many instances, holidays are not as well. Before the load even makes its way onto the road, a permit is required for each state that will be traveled through and the exact travel routes need to be specified. This creates a number of challenges for the drivers to handle. Lights and flags will also be required.

Amber lights and red flags will provide the necessary visibility so that other traffic can receive the proper warning. If travel escorts are asked to join the trip, their vehicles must also be equipped with the necessary flags and lights. This process can be difficult but by following all of the rules and regulations, it has never been easier to get from point A to point B.

If you have any further questions when it comes time to prepare the logistics for an oversize load for shipping, it is time to contact us at Osage Specialized Transport. Their team of experts can handle any issue that is related to specialized transport, ensuring a speedy and safe journey for all parties involved. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call!