Navigating Arizona’s Unique Terrain and Oversize Permit Requirements

When you need to connect with a heavy haul and equipment service, it’s critical to make sure your choice understands everything about your job. From the kind of terrain your load will be hauled through and the permits required for that particular area and state, you need to know that your job will go off without a hitch. Get to know all about this state’s unique terrain and the Arizona oversize permits you may be required to obtain in this article.

The Diverse and Sometimes Tricky Arizona Terrain 

Depending on the time of year you’re looking into having pipes, heavy equipment, and other oversized materials hauled in Arizona, you’ll see the landscape change from area to area. This is incredibly complex when you factor in different weather, from rain and snow to wind and monsoons, which can all be experienced in a 24-hour period when traveling throughout the state.

Arizona’s terrain is just as diverse as the weather conditions there. You can find dry, hot deserts in one area and pine trees and mountains in another. You’ve also got some of the most incredible natural features, including The Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, Havasupai Falls, the Sonoran Desert, and more. 

Some challenges that haulers may have throughout the state include:

  • Potholes
  • Narrow transportation lanes
  • Lack of large parking spaces
  • Not enough truck climbing lanes

With such varied terrain and driving challenges, a hauling and equipment service must know about the challenges and Arizona oversize regulations before planning a journey. Your hauler should be knowledgeable and confident driving in Arizona with all the proper documentation. 

Arizona’s Oversize Permits and Regulations

Unless you’ve had oversized loads hauled before, every state and locale will have its own oversize permits and regulations. Many times permits are issued for one trip, for 30 days, or annually, depending on the need.

For loads that are going to be over state routes may apply for a Class A permit if:

  • The load isn’t able to be reduced
  • Has a width/load of 14 feet or less
  • Has a height/load of 16 feet or less
  • Has a length/load of 120 feet or less 
  • Has a combined weight of 250,000 pounds or less
  • Surpasses the legal limit as indicated in R17-6-102 Table 1

If your load or equipment needs to be transported through cities and other roads that are not state routes, the regulations and requirements can be located with the proper routing contacts for that locale. An experienced and knowledgeable service will be able to identify the permits needed and obtain them.

Arizona Oversize Regulations for Travel Times

Many cities and states have regulations restricting the times that oversized loads may travel. Some of these regulations include:

  • Oversized loads may operate during daylight hours (½ an hour before sunrise to ½ an hour after sunset).
  • Hauls not more than ten feet wide or 14 feet 6 inches high with ten feet or less overhang are permitted continuous travel.
  • Loads that aren’t more than 16 feet wide, 120 feet long, and under 250,000 pounds are permitted to travel on the interstate or other indicated state routes tonight from 3 am through noon on weekends. These loads may not travel during these times on holiday weekends. This travel permission must be requested at the time of permit application and indicated on the said permit.

Know Your Escort Requirements

If you’ve ever seen an oversized load on the highway, it might have had escorts or pilot cars with it. In Arizona, you’ll need your own escort or pilot car:

  • If a load is more than 12 feet wide, an escort in the front and back of the load will be required.
  • For loads that are 16 feet or higher, an escort with a height pole will be required when on the road between 3 am and noon.
  • Loads with a front overhang of 20 feet or more require one front pilot car.
  • A rear escort care is required if loads have a rear overhang of 20 feet or more.
  • If traveling on the interstate, loads over 120 feet must have an escort car in front of the truck.

For more detailed information on these types of regulations, ask your hauling service or visit the Arizona Department of Transportation website.

Know the Equipment Regulations Before Hauling

Moving heavy equipment is no small task and can be dangerous if not done with experience and expertise. It pays to know about blade and bucket measurements, counterweights, and even side mirrors. For the safety of everyone involved and your equipment’s preservation, ensure you have a specialized transport service that will get it done right.

Don’t Forget the Lights, Signs, and Flags Required 

Arizona has its own requirements when hauling machinery, pipes, or other oversized loads. Some requirements are:

  • Oversized load signs must be used on any load more than 9 feet in width.
  • All loads and vehicles must display red flags that are 12 inches square or larger projecting from the load.
  • All overhangs, including front and rear, must have flags or be lighted.
  • A load up to 10 feet traveling at night has to be flagged and lit.
  • No flag or sign requirements are in place for overweight or overnight loads only.

Always check to see if your load will require any kind of visual warnings while being transported. Of course, your trucking service should already know about all requirements, but knowing them yourself can help you understand safety rules for the safety of your load or equipment and the general public.

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