Oversized/Overweight Load Permits by State

What is an Oversize Load?

An oversize load is a weight that surpasses the standard weight limitations and configuration. The good news is that it is legal to transport haul equipment to various U.S and Canada destinations. In this case, you will need to have a valid permit for weight or oversize load from your state to help you transport your consignment.

An oversize cargo is influenced by the height, length, and overall weight of the shipment. You will need an oversize permit if the load’s size exceeds 13’6 “, the width exceeds 8′ 6”, and the length exceeds 48 feet. The state-permit is also applicable to gross vehicle weight that exceeds 80,000 pounds, a single axle weight that exceeds 20,000, and tandem axle weight that exceeds 34,000 pounds.

The state evaluates the nature of the goods or equipment transported and gives you the permit which aligns with your consignment. The permits contain travel regulations, routing information, and safety requirements.

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When is an Oversize Load Permit Needed?

A load permit is needed when the transport equipment or machinery exceeds the weight proposed by your state. In this situation, you will need to understand and follow the regulations as required by the states. Most states’ applications on oversize loads are online; however, the information may vary from one state to another.

The U.S states require an applicant to include every detail that is relevant to transportation. Some of the general information includes: plate number, equipment specific details, dimensions of the oversize load, axle weight, gross weight, planned route, and the destination. All this application can be hectic to formulate and apply, but with Osage Specialized Transport, the task is even more straightforward than you can think.

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Regulations and limitations Considered for Oversize Loads

The time an oversize load can be on the road.

Regulations in many states require the wide load trucks to be out of the road before the dark comes and resumes when the sunrise. In short, most states prohibit the shipment of equipment at night to avoid any possibility of an accident.

At night, the risk of the wide-load truck causing an accident is high compared to daytime. Hence, the overload permit may require a driver carrying a wide shipment to travel when other road users have a clear sight from a distance.

In most states, the wide load trucks are restricted from passing through congested traffic times. There are high possibilities that these wide trucks will cause more traffic to the road and pose security threats to other road users. It is always recommendable to drive during the allowed load times to avoid the relevant authorities’ fines. It is a severe issue that can delay your equipment in reaching the intended destination.

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Most states do not allow an oversize shipment to be transported on weekends and during holidays.

That’s why before you schedule shipment transportation; it is always good to consider this aspect. At Osage Specialized Transport, we evaluate these factors that are affected by time. We arrange and schedule the equipment’s transportation at the time allowed by the states to avoid delays on the shipment, which may negatively impact your business.

Oversize load Permits on Escort Vehicles

If the load is too long and wide, you may be required to obtain an escort permit for a vehicle. In all 50 states, the state-permit obligates you to have two escort vehicles. These escort vehicles are referred to as pilot cars. These pilot cars are required to accompany trucks that carry a shipment that exceeds 12 feet in terms of width.

Pilot cars are responsible for protecting both the wide load-truck and the other road users. One pilot car is always on the front of the wide load-truck, and the other one follows the truck from behind. These pilot cars are obligated to ensure the road users’ safety by alerting them about the wide truck carrying a vast shipment. The vehicle in front directs and instructs the incoming vehicle to stop when it’s not safe.

These pilot cars also help the truck driver navigate any traffic without causing any inconvenience to other road users. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that any dangers posed by wide loads are minimized accordingly. That’s why at Osage Specialized Transport, we don’t take this aspect lightly. We ensure that all equipment that you have assigned to us is transported in line with state regulations.

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Oversize Load safety equipment

States require wide shipment trucks to alert other passenger’s cars about an oversize load. The comprehensive load truck must-have safety equipment such as flags, banners, and lights. In most states, the truck must have a black or yellow banner indicating the name “OVERSIZE LOAD.”

Similarly, a wide load truck should have an orange or red flag anywhere the load is wider than the truck bed. Lights are also a requirement since they are useful through low visibility areas during the rainy and snow periods. Flashing or rotating lights on top of the truck’s cab is also required to alert all road users effectively.

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