Signs: What They Mean for Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

How often do you read every sign you pass on the highway? Are you alert and vigilant, or do you coast along, relying on your GPS to tell you what to do next? For truck drivers, signs are critical. Trucking companies in Aurora, CO rely on these important way-finding devices to get their drivers and equipment safely to their destinations.

It comes down to this: when you’re in the business of heavy equipment transport in Aurora, CO, signs are not something you can ignore. They can be everything from helpful to life-saving. Truck drivers rely on them for assistance in several ways.


With modern technology, it can be tempting to rely on GPS devices to guide your path. While these can prove helpful, it’s still crucial to use way-finding signs on the road. Signs always trump tech devices. If the voice on your phone says to go east, but you know you’re supposed to go west, follow the signs, not the GPS. Trucking companies in Aurora, CO can’t rely on technology at every second. Batteries fail. Programing is faulty. The millions of signs on the interstate and in cities offer reliable information to get truckers efficiently from point A to point B.


Many signs are in place to protect drivers. Steep inclines, falling rocks, runaway truck ramps and other signs let drivers know what dangers are ahead as well as how to avoid them. Being aware of these signs will help keep drivers safe. These signs exist off the road, as well. Signs at stops will provide information about what services are available. Signs such as “watch for rattlesnakes” at rest stops can be life-saving. No signs should be ignored. If they are, it can prove disastrous.


One common sign designed to protect truckers from damage is a low bridge warning. If ignored, these spell disaster for the driver and the truck. Damage to trucks that crash into low bridges is more common than it should be. There are plenty of warning signs, but drivers have to watch for them. Drivers can damage vehicles, suffer injury, damage city property and lose their jobs due to lack of awareness.


If the signs say you have to reroute due to construction or an accident, heed the warnings. Ignoring signs can leave a truck driver stuck in gridlocked traffic for hours. In some instances, the way may become impassable, with no room to turn a big rig around for rerouting. Keeping an eye out for these types of warning signs can save providers of heavy equipment transport in Aurora, CO a lot of frustration and grief.

Look for the Signs

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