What Is a Freight Broker?

You’re probably familiar with truck drivers. You likely know what these drivers and their trucking companies in Aurora, CO do day in and day out. You may have heard them referred to as hauling services in Aurora, CO. Their name implies their function: they haul items from point A to point B.

But are you familiar with another side of the business? Freight management in Aurora, CO is just as important as the deliveries themselves. It’s this end of the business that connects those who need to make deliveries to those who perform the hauling services in Aurora, CO. The key player in this business is a freight broker. Here’s the scoop on the role they play in deliveries.

What is a freight broker?

Simply put, this professional finds carriers to haul loads. Of course, their job description is a bit more complicated than this, but this is ultimately their goal. They assist shippers by locating those who are qualified to make their deliveries.

How does freight brokerage work?

The freight broker first finds a shipper to move the freight. They must then work to ensure the delivery is successful. They must remain in communication with the carrier and the shipper to keep everyone updated on the status of the load. They verify pickup, transport and delivery of the loads. The freight broker thus facilitates the shipment from start to finish.

What are the advantages of working with a freight broker?

Freight management in Aurora, CO makes life easier for shippers and haulers. While companies may be able to find their own hauling services in Aurora, CO, they don’t always know who is reliable. A freight broker finds reliable shippers whom the broker knows can handle the task. The shipper benefits from the broker’s knowledge, connections and ability to facilitate the deal.

By making it easy to find a hauler, freight brokers also help companies increase profits. The haulers find work faster, and the shippers get their product delivered faster. It’s a win on both ends.

How does a freight broker make money?

The freight broker makes a profit by finding a carrier to haul a load for less than the shipper is willing to pay. The shipper pays the freight broker an amount to ship the freight. The broker finds a carrier to ship it for a lesser amount. The freight broker can then keep the difference between the amount charged by the carrier and the amount paid by the shipper. This is the broker’s fee for connecting the two parties.

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