Smart Tips for Hauling Oversized Loads in Denver, CO

Any type of hauling requires special considerations, but hauling oversized loads in Denver, CO requires smart practices. Following these tips will make your trip safer and smoother and help prevent damage, injury and accidents, as well as inconvenience.

If your next haul will be greater than 8’6” in height and width, you’ll need an “oversized load” sign. If that’s the case, use the following tips to make your trip smart.


As you plan and map your haul, keep in mind the factors that will affect your schedule. Laws limit when you can travel with an oversized load and where you can drive. Many states restrict oversized load hauling to Monday through Friday from sunrise to sunset. Additionally, you may not be able to transport an oversized load during holidays. State laws differ, so be sure to verify the regulations regarding hauling oversized loads in Denver, CO before you finalize your schedule.


Hauling oversized loads in Denver, CO requires the use of special markings. You must place certain banners, lights or flags on your trailer to indicate its size. Your pilot vehicle also needs proper markings. The requirements vary by state, so check your route beforehand to verify what markings you will need. Get all your equipment properly prepared before you hit the road.


In addition to special markings, there may be other laws you must adhere to as you are hauling oversized loads in Denver, CO. In some areas, you may be required to have a pilot vehicle escort. You may also need a permit to haul your oversized load. Check each state’s transportation website to research the laws of your entire route before you begin your haul.


Do you know which route you will be taking while hauling oversized loads in Denver, CO? Plan this out carefully ahead of time. Be sure to consider circumstances other than distance and which road will get you from point A to point B. Look for low bridges, narrow lanes, construction, accidents and anything else that could either slow you down or make the location impassible with your load. Take advantage of apps that can fill you in on these details and help you choose the best route for your situation.


As you prepare for hauling oversized loads in Denver, CO, consider your trailer options. A variety of styles and sizes are available, and it’s important to choose the best trailer for your load. Drop deck trailers can give you the height clearance that you need. Extendable drop deck trailers can help with extra-long loads. Gooseneck trailers connect with a modifiable bar that may provide the flexibility you need. Lowboy trailers sit very low to provide a height capacity of 12 feet.

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