Winter Driving and Heavy Haul Trucking

Brr! Do you feel that chill in the air? Winter is officially upon us. This season means different things to different people—snowball fights and snow days, the chance to cozy up by the fire, skiing and snowboarding trips and a sign that Christmas and Hanukkah are approaching. Whatever winter means to you, we hope you enjoy the season!

Here at Osage Specialized Transport, winter means just one thing: difficult driving conditions. We look forward to snow days and the holidays as much as anyone else, but we also get nervous when we see the first snowfall of the year, because we know that means dangerous conditions for our drivers.

Fortunately, we make sure our heavy haul drivers in Denver, CO are well equipped to handle any and all winter driving conditions. Read on to learn more about our special winter driving considerations:

  • Dropping temperatures: No matter which region of the country you live in, winter is going to mean colder temperatures. For your truck broker in Denver, CO, colder temperatures can cause serious safety risks. As winter approaches each year, we make sure that the temperature controls in our trucks are in great shape, so that our cargo doesn’t get ruined by being in the wrong temperature all day. We also make sure our trucks are well insulated, and that the heating system in the driver’s cabin works well.
  • Rain and snow: Snow might mean skiing trips and days off school for you, but for us they indicate the need for increased safety measures. As a heavy haul company in Denver, CO, we see a lot of snow and rain, so we have our safety routine down pat. We use chains on our truck tires and make sure our drivers are up to date on all their required safety training. We also remind our drivers to slow down during harsh weather conditions. Timeliness is a priority, but safety is always the most important thing.
  • Holiday driving: Planning to drive home for the holidays this year? It’s a journey millions of Americans make each year, meaning a serious increase in traffic on the roads. That means more traffic for our shipping truck drivers to compete with—and more traffic brings the risk of more accidents with it. Fortunately, we have learned to allow extra time for winter trips, so our truckers never feel pressured to drive unsafely.

Chances are you will be shipping some holiday presents this year. Here at Osage Specialized Transport, we take pride in delivering our cargo where it needs to get to in a safe and timely manner. Winter weather and holiday driving conditions add some challenges to our work, but we take special measures to mitigate these difficulties, and to ensure that our drivers and cargo are always safe.

If you are interested in learning more about heavy equipment transport in Denver, CO, then we hope you will get in touch with the team at Osage Specialized Transport. We are your go-to heavy haul transportation company, working with multiple large carriers.