Working with a Licensed and Bonded Freight Broker

When working in logistics and shipping, it’s important to find a freight broker you can trust. They handle a myriad of tasks and services during the transportation process that are essential to smooth freight management in Denver, CO. This decision should be considered carefully, and you’ll need to verify your broker’s credentials before you begin a partnership. For these reasons, you’ll want to consider working with a licensed and bonded logistics agent in Denver, CO:

  • FMCSA licensed: A bonded and licensed agent has to undergo a strict licensing process with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) before they’re able to operate legally. They’ll have to register their company and office and employ a bonded logistics agent in Denver, CO as well as in every other state where they operate, so you know they’ve gone through the appropriate education and certifications.
  • Strict bonding and insurance criteria: The FMCSA also checks a company’s financial stability before giving their stamp of approval, as well as ensures they’re insured. That means they’ll have to meet many requirements designated by the FMCSA before getting the title. Their numerous requirements allow you to relax and rest easy, knowing the agent has done their due diligence.
  • Trustworthy: When they’re backed by the FMCSA, you’ll know the licensed broker is trustworthy. They’ve completed the rigorous requirements and are financially stable and insured, and know what they’re doing. You can trust them with your freight management in Denver, CO.
  • Protection: A freight broker bond also provides protection for your freight. The licensing requires at least a $10,000 bond to obtain the authority to operate. With this level of protection, you know the company is financially sound and stable.
  • Safeguarded against fraud: This $10,000 bond that must be paid is another safeguard, because it allows you to file a claim on it if your company suffers damages due to the broker’s actions, and authorizes you to demand compensation. You can get a reimbursement up to the entire sum of the bond in the event of fraud.
  • Insurance: On top of the bond, many licensed logistics agents in Denver, CO have necessary insurance that protects against loss and damages. They may also have insurance that offers protection for bodily injury, property damage and environmental restoration.
  • BBB accredited: Many businesses for freight management in Denver, CO will be accredited with the Better Business Bureau. You can check their score on the BBB’s website for another level of protection.

Finding the right carrier is an important part of your shipping experience. With Osage Specialized Transport, you can work with a huge network of carriers for all phases of transportation. Our experts would be thrilled to show you why we should be your choice for transportation. With over 40 years of collective experience in the field, we have the specialized knowledge and experience to make sure that whatever products and goods you need to ship reach their destination intact. Call us today to learn more about the services we have to offer or schedule a consultation.