Freight Transportation Costs and Packaging

Transportation costs can make up 60 percent of the cost of your supply chain. Many shippers wonder why carriers are so expensive, and think the cost of transportation is out of their hands. However, there are several things that shippers can do before their products are loaded that can not only cut costs, but reduce the risks involved with shipping products, like damaged goods. You may not realize these mistakes you’re making that lead to increased costs in freight transportation in Denver, CO.


You want to keep your goods safe, of course. However, this protection-minded strategy can lead to over packaging your products. Thinking more packaging equates with more protection is not necessarily true, and it will lead to a great increase in overall costs. Instead of overpackaging, choose the right packaging to begin with, and it will result in less, more effective and more cost-effective packaging. Plus, it will generate much less waste for the retailer. Using extra layers of packing will only result in more waste and more cost.

Better solutions for freight transportation in Denver, CO

Wooden pallets with wooden pallet collars are a great system for reducing the amount of packaging on your shipped products for economical freight transportation in Denver, CO. You can add collars to build walls on a pallet, which are adjustable and can be used for both small and large loads. Plus, they deliver the same amount of protection no matter the load size. This system will also decrease the amount of empty space you’re shipping and paying for.

Smaller orders can also be accommodated by the pallet system with a pallet collar. They can be stacked to the required height and unstacked to reduce height or depth. It’s a flexible solution for almost anything. Plus, pallet collars reduce spilling and damage to products as well as protect products against people getting into them who shouldn’t be able to.

Reducing weight and costs

When using a pallet system, you can cut out over packaged products and the costs associated with shipping packaging materials. You’re essentially paying to transport waste when you ship loads of packaging. With pallets, the retailer can unpack the pallet and discard the packaging materials. Collars on pallets generate much less waste and even allow the product to be displayed on the sales floor in a contained manner. Plus, the collars are easily removable and products easily unpacked. Best of all, pallets actually keep your products safer than traditional packaging, and reduce the amount of space you have to pay to ship.

Finding the right carrier for freight transportation in Denver, CO is important to keeping shipping costs down and feeling like your products are in good hands. Osage Specialized Transport is a trusted company that is always committed to its customers. Our experts have more than 40 years of experience in the field of transportation, and can make sure that whatever you need to transport reaches its destination in good condition. Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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