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7 of the Biggest Things Ever Moved on the Road

May 4, 2021

It’s not uncommon to see a truck carrying an oversized load on the highway, but the word “oversized” can mean a lot of things. In some cases, you might see a truck carrying something as large as a house, traveling down the interstate with a convoy to warn people to keep the roads clear. However, what’s even more impressive is to witness a humongous load being transported on a regular road. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching any massive objects be transported, here are 7 of the biggest things that have ever been moved on the road to... View Article

Tax Deductions for Truck Drivers & Expense Tracking

May 2, 2021

Expense tracking for truckers who get paid with a W-2 became a lot easier in recent years. Whether tax deductions got smaller, that is a different story, and can depend on a few factors. Let’s look at some of the recent changes in the tax laws, how they help and hurt truckers, and at what all truckers can do to lower their federal income tax bills. Tax Deductions for Employee Drivers If you are employed to drive a truck that you don’t own, keeping track of your expenses for tax time used to be a lot more complicated. Your employer... View Article

How Much Weight Can a Semi-Truck Carry

March 11, 2021

At least 71% of the freight moved around in the US happens on trucks. The federal government regulates the amount of weight that a semi-truck can carry. There are two types of semi-trucks: single axle and double axle semi-trucks. When talking about the truck, the weight adds up to about 80,000 pounds including the trailer’s weight. A semi-truck can haul between 42000 and 48000 pounds. The amount of load that a semi-truck can carry depends on the weight of the trailer. A semi-truck can have a flatbed trailer made of aluminum attached to it. Since aluminum is light, it allows... View Article

Oversized/Overweight Load Permits by State

February 8, 2021

What is an Oversize Load? An oversize load is a weight that surpasses the standard weight limitations and configuration. The good news is that it is legal to transport haul equipment to various U.S and Canada destinations. In this case, you will need to have a valid permit for weight or oversize load from your state to help you transport your consignment. An oversize cargo is influenced by the height, length, and overall weight of the shipment. You will need an oversize permit if the load’s size exceeds 13’6 “, the width exceeds 8′ 6”, and the length exceeds 48... View Article

Traits the Nation’s Top Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Possess

January 26, 2021

What Is Heavy Hauling? Heavy hauling is the transporting of overweight or oversized freight. Moving items like heavy machinery, large tractors, modular homes, and any other overweight and oversize freight requires specialized equipment and extra permits. Shipping oversize cargo is not as straight forward as shipping regular freight. With the legal requirements to ship overweight freight varying from state to state, hiring a professional heavy haul trucking company is crucial. What Type of Equipment & Machinery Requires Heavy Hauling? Heavy hauling is required when any freight exceeds the legal limit for standard over the road transportation. Everything from new blades... View Article

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