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The Dangers of Transporting Oversize Loads

May 24, 2019

Oversize loads are an increasingly common obstacle that drivers have to deal with. Industrial machinery, prefabricated homes and other oversize items like steel shipping containers have to be transported. Oversize hauling in Denver, CO is prone to causing accidents and often makes other drivers feel anxious, with good reason. Read on to learn more about oversize loads and what to do when you’re driving near one. Accidents with oversize hauling Oversize hauling in Denver, CO is prone to a few typical types of accidents that plague heavy trucks and oversize loads. One such type of accident happens because of deflated... View Article

Transporting a Backhoe

May 10, 2019

If you’ve recently purchased a backhoe, or just need to transport one to another location, you may be wondering about your options for backhoe hauling in Denver, CO. You could use a flatbed or attempt to transport it yourself in either your own or a rented vehicle. In some cases, the seller of the backhoe will take care of shipping, but you may be responsible for handling this on your own. In this case, it’s often better to hire professionals to transport heavy or oversized equipment. Read on for some tips on finding the right solution for transporting your backhoe:... View Article

Working with a Licensed and Bonded Freight Broker

April 25, 2019

When working in logistics and shipping, it’s important to find a freight broker you can trust. They handle a myriad of tasks and services during the transportation process that are essential to smooth freight management in Denver, CO. This decision should be considered carefully, and you’ll need to verify your broker’s credentials before you begin a partnership. For these reasons, you’ll want to consider working with a licensed and bonded logistics agent in Denver, CO: FMCSA licensed: A bonded and licensed agent has to undergo a strict licensing process with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) before they’re able... View Article

Freight Transportation Costs and Packaging

April 11, 2019

Transportation costs can make up 60 percent of the cost of your supply chain. Many shippers wonder why carriers are so expensive, and think the cost of transportation is out of their hands. However, there are several things that shippers can do before their products are loaded that can not only cut costs, but reduce the risks involved with shipping products, like damaged goods. You may not realize these mistakes you’re making that lead to increased costs in freight transportation in Denver, CO. Overpackaging You want to keep your goods safe, of course. However, this protection-minded strategy can lead to... View Article

Carrier Spotlight: Greentree Transportation Co.

March 27, 2019

Osage Specialized Transport is a premier transportation manager in Colorado. We work with multiple large carriers to provide our clients with the perfect solutions for their hauling needs. Our broad base of resources gives clients access to a variety of equipment to suit nearly any situation that requires heavy haul transport. As a leading transportation manager in Colorado, one of our top resources is Greentree Transportation Co. This carrier is a reliable provider of quality transportation for many of our clients. Our team knows we can turn to Greentree to connect customers with the equipment and service required to get... View Article