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Carrier Spotlight: DD&S Express

March 13, 2019

Osage Specialized Transport is a go-to logistics company in Colorado for heavy haul trucking. We work with multiple large carriers to provide our clients with the perfect solutions for their hauling needs. Our broad base of resources gives clients access to a variety of equipment to suit nearly any situation. One of our top resources is DD&S Express. This carrier is a reliable provider of quality transportation for many of our clients. We frequently turn to DD&S Express to connect customers with the equipment and service required to get their loads from point A to point B safely and smoothly.... View Article

Carrier Spotlight: Buchanan Hauling and Rigging

February 26, 2019

From time to time we like to put the spotlight on some of the outstanding logistics companies we work with that provide the clients of our trucking company in Denver, CO with outstanding service. Today we give some attention to Buchanan Hauling and Rigging. Here’s an overview of what makes this company so special. Company history Buchanan Hauling and Rigging’s history goes back to its June 1996 founding. Geary Buchanan, who was an owner-operator with 24 years of experience in the trucking industry, decided he’d strike out on his own and start up his own trucking company. At the time,... View Article

Carrier Spotlight: Admiral Merchants

February 12, 2019

Every now and then we like to give a shout out to some of the best logistics and transportation companies in the area that go above and beyond in the services they provide to their clients. Today we’re happy to profile Admiral Merchants, an outstanding logistics and trucking company in Denver, CO. A long history of high-quality service Admiral Merchants was born out of the integration of three old-line trucking firms in the 1960s. At the time, Bob Short, a Minneapolis-based transportation guru as well as an entrepreneur in the area of real estate and pro sports, purchased Merchants Motor... View Article

What to Look for in Heavy Haul Trucking

January 21, 2019

You wouldn’t trust just anyone to invest your hard-earned money. You would want an investment advisor with lots of experience and a proven track record of returning on investment. You would want an investor who knew the business back and front and understood all the legalities of investing properly. In short, you would want a trusted expert in the field. The same principle applies to choosing the right company for heavy haul equipment transport in Denver, CO. As with any business decision, you need to make sure the transport company has the necessary qualities and resources to get the job... View Article

Oversized Shipment Challenges

January 7, 2019

When most people see large tractor-trailers on the highway, they imagine they’re filled with lots of smaller packages, crates, and items—and many of them are. However, some companies and individuals have larger shipping needs that require even more specialized services to get their oversized items from point A to point B. Oversized transport in Denver, CO is no easy task. It comes with lots of challenges unique to the size and shape of the oversized item in question. Here are some of the biggest challenges companies face in moving oversized items across the United States: What counts as “oversized”: Before... View Article

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