Specialized Freight Trucking Costs and Services

Freight Trucking

As integral as freight shipping is to modern society, the process is more than just taking one shipping container from point A to point B. Tons of items are shipped across the nation’s highway system, and some of them require specialized services.

So, we want to look at these services and see how they help companies of all sizes. Here’s what you need to know about specialized freight trucking costs and services.

Average Costs Per Mile for Trucking Companies

Many variables can impact a trucking company’s bottom line. The two largest expenses are labor and fuel costs, but they’re far from the only pieces of the puzzle. Here is a quick breakdown of each line item and its variable cost throughout the industry. Each figure is calculated per mile.

  • Driver Payroll – $0.48 to $0.83
  • Fuel – $0.40 to $0.55
  • Maintenance – $0.09 to $0.40
  • Vehicle Insurance – $0.06 to $0.18
  • Equipment Financing – $0.00 to $0.40
  • Variable Driving Expenses – $0.01 to $0.09
  • Fixed Overhead – $0.06 to $0.30
  • Non-Driver Compensation – $0.06 to $0.30

So, on the low end of the spectrum, companies can pay roughly $1.16 per mile for expenses. On the high end, their costs can be up to $3.05. Obviously, businesses can limit their costs by implementing various money-saving initiatives. For example, buying fuel in bulk usually saves on the per-gallon price.

Specialized Freight Trucking Services

So, what are “specialized” freight trucking services exactly? Let’s break down the most common options available:

White-Glove Service

For those who don’t want to handle cargo or loading logistics, white-glove services take care of all the details. Typically, this option includes packing, loading, moving, pickup, and drop-off. Customers simply have to tell the company what to take and where to deliver it, and the carrier will handle the rest. As you can imagine, white-glove services are the most expensive because they’re the most labor-intensive.


Although shipping containers can hold huge items, some pieces are too big. Examples can include construction equipment, vehicles, manufactured homes, windmill blades, and more. Oversize trucking requires extra logistical planning and knowledge, particularly for taller pieces. Since clearance heights can be troublesome in parts of the country, you want to work with a provider who can alleviate the problem.

Expedited Shipping

Sometimes, a delivery needs to make it to its destination as soon as possible. For example, some time-sensitive materials like food or medicine need fast shipping. Usually, these shipments work with Less-Than-Load (LTL) trucks since speed is the defining factor, not space economy. The other primary benefit of expedited shipping is that your load gets priority over others during backups and weather-related incidents. So, instead of falling behind because one supplier is running late, your shipment can still get delivered on time.

Blanket Wrap

Items can break in transit for multiple reasons. Perhaps the loading team mishandled the box, or maybe a forklift driver accidentally hit the side. Blanket wrap trucking is designed for fragile items that can’t withstand normal shipping wear and tear. The term refers to the blankets that crews typically wrap around the boxes and products to keep them well protected. Also, these shipments usually get put on trucks with air suspensions because they can dissipate more bumps and shakes from travel.

Which Items Usually Get Specialized Service?

Although these services are appealing, they do cost extra. So, it’s crucial to know when to use them to ensure that those costs don’t diminish your bottom line. Here are some common goods that may require specialized shipping:

High-End Electronics

These products don’t do well with bumps, jolts, and shocks. Such wear and tear can knock loose various internal components, making repairs necessary.

Restaurant and Refrigeration Equipment

Gas ranges, walk-in freezers, coolers, and other restaurant equipment are often bulky and relatively fragile. Usually, these pieces may need both blanket wrap and oversized shipping services.

Furniture and Fragile Products

Hotels and hospitality companies need their fixtures and furnishings to arrive in pristine condition. For example, a hotel might need a massive centerpiece chandelier for its lobby.

Ship Your Products with Osage Specialized Transport

No matter where you’re shipping to, it helps to have a high-class logistics team on your side. Instead of trying to coordinate specialized services yourself, let Osage handle the details for you. We have decades of experience in this industry, and we work with a vast network of local suppliers and carriers to provide excellent results. Contact us today to find out more.