Why Choose Osage for Your Specialized Transport?

Companies that need to ship machinery or equipment across states or even across the country need to use heavy haul trucking. When transporting overweight or oversized equipment, specific considerations must be made, especially if the trip crosses state lines. Each state has its own set of rules and requirements for transporting equipment on its highways, and many of them are incapable of supporting the weight or size of such equipment.

Because of the sheer size and weight of the machinery involved, safety is one of the most important issues in heavy haul trucking. It is also required to secure the necessary permits from each of the states that will be crossed throughout the transportation process. Additionally, a flatbed or tractor-trailer capable of safely moving the equipment is often required, as well as an experienced crew familiar with the requirements of such activities.

Any exceedingly heavy or massive equipment will almost certainly be extremely expensive and will be a significant asset to the owner. This is why shipping this type of equipment necessitates a lot of caution.

Who We Are and What We Offer

Here at Osage Specialized Transport, we are a non-asset-based agent with connections to larger carriers throughout the nation, and we can provide customized hauling equipment to company-controlled owners/operators. Our specialized hauling transport services in provide our clients with access to a wider range of equipment than they would receive through another organization.

Originally established in 1995, we started as an independent, but within six years, we made the choice to convert into a non-asset-based agent, establishing ourselves as an agent-organized trucking company that dealt with large carriers. This status enables Osage to maintain excellent connections with both our customers and the drivers who deliver the items, and our company has grown to become one of the most respected specialist transportation companies in the industry in the nearly two decades since its change.

The following is a list of the services that Osage Specialized Transportation excels at:

  • We can supply our clients with all of the specialized transportation equipment required for moving heavy gear, because we are linked with some of the top carriers.
  • Oversized Loads – Osage specializes in transporting larger loads, and our decades of experience in the field have earned us a reputation as one of the best.
  • Management of Logistics and Transportation – Whatever expensive machinery is being moved, it’s critical to keep track of its progress and be ready to react to logistical requirements. All of this is handled superbly by Osage’s logistics and transportation management system.

Why Should You Chose Osage? 

First of all, we have a trucking fleet that can deliver heavy loads across the country, allowing us to respond to our customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Our business has extensive expertise collecting the appropriate documentation and permits for interstate heavy equipment shipping, removing the majority of the fear and concern from the process.

Our comprehensive logistics management system allows us to trace the progress of all shipments in real-time, keeping our clients up to date. One of the best reasons to work with Osage Specialized Transport is our excellent safety record, and nothing is more vital in the heavy haul trucking sector than safety.

We make sure we’re always on top of your freight transport demands as a full-service logistics firm.

Internal Delivery 

We’ll make sure you have a dedicated internal dispatcher and logistics agent when you work with us. This means we’re ready to change at a moment’s notice to ensure your freight is handled properly. We’re always ready to dispatch, whether it’s picking up a scheduled load, managing an LTL pickup, or reacting to shifting schedules.

Ability to Follow-Up 

Do you have any idea where your cargo is? To coordinate ongoing operations and maintain the chain of custody, freight management is important at all stages of transportation. Through our sophisticated TMS systems, we place a special emphasis on tracking. Allow us to offer you real-time data and track your orders by customer, machine, or serial number. We make certain that your inquiries are answered with genuine, actionable information.


Our TMS is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, providing real-time information about your freight transportation in. We provide access to company websites using an open-API standard to ensure that loads and invoices are processed on time that you always have the information you need. We also take data security seriously and work diligently to safeguard your sensitive information.

Always Ready to Load and Deliver

Our TMS, which has access to several load boards, assists you in keeping drivers on schedules that are both beneficial to your business and fully comply with DOT regulations. There will be no more squandered runs or pricey deadheads!

Contact Osage Specialized Transport today at 303-326-0374 to begin taking full advantage of our TMS and all of the logistical capability that comes with it. We’re ready to assist you in improving the efficiency of your freight operations.