How Do I Calculate Heavy Equipment Shipping Costs

What is Heavy Equipment Shipping?

When oversized and bulky construction equipment needs transporting, companies must rely on various trailers to do the job, depending on its need. The heavy equipment required depends on the trailers used.

For example, if a company such as Osage needs to transport equipment to a site within the United States such as excavators, forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, trucks, mining equipment, tractors, travel trailers, RV’s, semi-trucks, ambulances, Earthmovers, and more they utilize the best trailer available.

Transport companies are responsible for the following:

  • Arranging the specialized trucks and trailers to move heavy equipment needed by other companies to complete jobs.
  • Massive equipment transport companies decide the best way to move the required heavy equipment. Transport companies may use a flatbed truck, RGN trailers, expandable trailers, or step-deck trailers.
  • Being fully insured
  • Employ skilled, experienced, licensed drivers
  • Obtaining the needed permits
  • Arranging for escorts as needed

How Do I Calculate Shipping Costs?

Clients who need heavy equipment transported to their site certainly want an experienced and reliable heavy equipment transported they can trust. The drivers need to be skilled, trusted, and reliable when moving heavy equipment, freight, household items, and even animals.

All Osage drivers are sensitive to your schedule and the freight they haul. Hiring a transporter is a process that we handle like clockwork, and calculations are easy.

All you do is select the proper category, enter your starting zip code, then select your ending zip code. At Osage, you get the best possible rate at the lowest possible price. You must trust the company serving your needs and Osage is the company to trust your cargo to arrive safely and on time.

Heavy Shipping Considerations

Our company takes special care, consideration, and skill in transporting your freight. We believe in being vigilant with your cargo and consider the weight, permits, the equipment, load securement, the weather, and more because heavy shipping is the most complicated and complex transportation. We obtain the right permits for your cargo and must consider and calculate the route’s road size going through each state.

Transporters must take into consideration the number of axles because the Federal Government limits the amount of weight per axle.

  • Is your cargo being 80,000 pounds or more in gross weight
  • Has a width of over 8.5 feet
  • A height over 13.6 feet
  • A length 48-53 feet
  • A weight of 50,000-150,000 pounds.


Picking up and unloading your cargo may require a crane or forklift, and you may need to rent the same equipment and have it on-site when your freight arrives. We realize that no one is perfect, and accidents happen in the most unusual circumstances but are rare. Our drivers take great effort to avoid any damage to your cargo at all costs.

Consider a carrier who uses data analytics, mitigates problems if something goes wrong on a rare occasion, and use industrial relationships to get everything right.

Call Osage for Help with Your Shipping Needs

Osage is a leading and seasoned transporter company with over 40-years in the industry. Osage is a nationwide trucking company and logistics specialists. We can meet your coast to coast heavy shipping needs with headquarters in McKinney, Texas, Colorado, and Denver. Clients trust our work as we are a proud, locally owned, and operated small business providing an array of services such as:

  • Providing a wide range of trucking needs
  • Flatbed trucking
  • Transportation
  • Heavy hauling
  • Logistical services

Osage is known for its top-notch customer service department. Our customer service representatives are the most helpful, friendly, skilled, hardworking, reliable, prompt, and exceptional people you will meet. They offer individualized service for your trucking needs.

Contact us today if you need to transport your heavy equipment or unusually large cargo to any site nationwide. We stand ready to meet your specialized transportation needs.